Collective wisdom

Saturday, 19 August 2017

My Gift of Life - Jing Hui

In this story, a mother was told multiple times that her child would die within 24 hours. The author had congestive heart disease and later fluid built up all around her tiny organs which caused severe kidney damage. She had to undergo 10 surgeries before she was 15. When she was 11, she had undergone 6 surgeries, however her kidneys were slowly failing. She had to go for 1 last surgery before she was listed on the National waiting list. Her parents were tested to donate the kidneys but both of them were not suitable. She was later informed of the suitable donor and the operation was successful.

Silent Scream by Tan Rou Fu

In this story, Silent Scream, is about a girl who is suppressing all her emotions, she doesn’t tell her friends about her anguished thoughts, she just smiles. She is not feeling ok but fakes that she is fine not allowing people to be worried for her. She lied. Till one day she crumbled down and cried and all her emotions were set free. Although she tells people to go away, she really hopes people would care for her and let her tell them how she really feels, her words actually have a different meaning from what they really mean. She hopes people can help her and comfort her. She hopes people can understand her silent screams.

Based on what happened, I learned that we must make sure they are really fine. At times, your friends might be hiding their emotions to not make you worry. Ask them what is wrong and sometimes if they do not want to reveal just tell them that you are here for them when they need someone to talk to. When they really crumble down, cry and tell you to go away, sometimes they really need someone to talk to but cannot control their words. Sit down, talk to them and comfort them or even just keep quiet and listen what they have to say because sometimes all they need is just someone to listen to them, let them cry. Look at them in the eye and let them know you really care. Their words might not mean what they really mean at times. Most of the time, people behave differently at home.

I can apply it in my life maybe to my parents as sometimes they too would not tell you how they are really feeling. By sitting down with them and listening to them might let them feel comforted that their kid cares. I can also apply it to my friends, they behave the way they do for a reason. Although they might seem that they do not care about certain things at times, they do. When they are going through troubles stick with them and listen to them. Who knows? Maybe listening to them is all they needed to feel fine again.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Chicken soup for the soul reflection by Troy

The book "Chicken soup for the soul" is a book about teenagers emotional roller. The author of this book need spine braces and she
 was upset about it. The author was very self-continuous about her look and wanted no one to know about it. She wouldn't let people hug her and feel it. She also would change in a separate place from her friends. That is not the only example of how self-conscious the author. The author also uses makeup to make her look better.