Saturday, 24 June 2017

My holiday journal 3


I spent this day to clean up my room and to pack my bag as I was going on a holiday for the whole of next week. When I was cleaning my room, I have found many interesting things that I did in the past as I had not cleaned my room for a very long time(for I think about a year???) I have found one of the different games that I played with my friends in school after PSLE. It was called UNO [(if I was not wrong) as I have not played it for a long time]. Cleaning up my room was a great flashback to what my friends and I did in primary school.

My holiday journal 2

The second week was boring as I have to try to complete my homework given by my subject teachers.I finished every piece of homework day by day except for one piece of homework.That was my geography homework which was creating an iBook. Completing the iBook was not easy! We need to take various information from our Geography textbook and the internet.As it was an IH iBook, I also took some information from our sec 1 history textbook but most was from the geography textbook. I encountered many problems like controlling the iBook and not knowing that we need to leave the (brown,2014) at the back of our text if we took it from our textbook.

Friday, 23 June 2017

Journal by Hsien Yang

Journal (1st week)

I woke up early in the morning, extremely tired, I have to go to my grandparents' house at Malaysia.
I have not enough sleep so I slept in the vehicle. When my family reached there, there was nothing I could do as I did not bring my homework. All I do in Malaysia was to eat and sleep. This cycle just keep going on and on until the day we went back home.  When I was at home, It was late at night so I decided to eat supper. I ate prawn noodles. After that, I happily went to sleep. The next morning, I was still sleepy. So, I slept again for another two hours. The two hours were great. After that, I carried on with my revision.

Journal (2nd week)

As I woke up in the morning, I realised it is time to start my revision as my grades are poor. I had almost treated my holiday life as my school life. I worked for about 5 hours everyday and surprisingly, it was not tiring. However, the papers i had been working for for the past week was not homework. It was assessment paper! Because of that, I did not do my homework but determined to finished the homework by next week. The only part where I went out very far is going to Jurong Library on 8 June. I went there with the project team to finish our project. Only three out of four people were there so we did not finish. We arranged on another date to finish our project.

Journal (3rd week)

I had started doing my homework especially for Geography. Many classmates had complained that the Geography is too difficult,  too much, too complicated etc.. Interestingly, I was , indeed, one of them. Aside from homework, I did less assessments. When I looked into my phone, I saw most of my friends having fun with friends and I was just at home being 'locked up'. I felt like I was at jail. I have been bored for the past few days. The only part where I went out very far is going to Jurong Library on 15 June. I went there with the project team to finish our project. Only three out of four people were there again but we managed to finish it.

Journal (4th week)

The last week had arrived. I have mixed feeling, I am happy and also sad at the same time. The worst part is that I still have not finish my Geography AA. My parents and I were so busy that we even forgot to celebrate Father's Day. Guess what I had been doing during Father's Day... I was doing homework, both my father and mother was working. My father came home so late that I do not have the time to tell him 'Happy Father's Day".  And day by day, I have yet to finish my homework.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

My Holiday Journal 5 😊 -aliah

22 June 2017

When holidays closes up, everyone will most probably feel their heart pumping as fast as sprinting in a marathon. Rushing to finish their pile of work, all I could do was to encourage them not to give up. My holiday was a total opposite from most of my classmates. When I was intensively focussing on my work during the first 2 weeks, the class will be on their journey to their wonderlands, and my phone will be beeping almost every second. But as the holiday closes up, my phone starts to silent up. It is kind of weird that nobody wanted to put in effort when the time was luxurious, and start embarking their way to trouble when the time was tight. Placing hopes was the last choice to survive I think? I really can't get the concept. 

Anyways, now the class committee is planning the seating arrangement of the class, and I am really hoping to seat at my original seat, where my seat is closer to the teacher. Nowadays, I can't hear when people are talking to me. Instead, they have to shout at the top of their lungs. But all I know, they can be trusted when arranging the class seats. 

All in all, I am ready for a new start and I am excited to be back in school. Life at home is indeed very boring, even when preparing for Hari Raya. 😫

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Holiday Journal 3 - Roufu

This week, I spent most of the time on assessment book my mother had bought and Chinese homework. As Father's day was coming, our mother told us to surprise our father by buying a cake for him. The cake we bought was quite delicious. We also had to celebrate Father's day one day earlier as my parents are going on a holiday with our aunt and uncle on a vacation to Hong Kong. It was our first year not celebrating Father's day on the actual day and can only wish our father through messages. 

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Jing Hui's holiday journal 3

Monday, i had to go to the clinic as i had some rashes on my hand and legs. The doctor told me it was just a heat rash and i had to apply some cream. I could not play basketball with my cousin.

On Thursday, my family and I went to Port Dickson, a place in Malaysia. We woke up at 7 in the morning and drove there. We reached our hotel at around 2pm. The hotel was really unique as there is a swimming pool in each hotel room. If you look at all the hotel from a bird's eye view, all of them will look like a flower. The hotel was by the sea so we had seafood for dinner.

The next day, we had our breakfast at the hotel. After that we left the hotel and went to Malacca. We went to Jonker Street which was a night market at Malacca. The food at the night market were very delicious. However, there were many people and it was very hot, I had made a mistake wearing a long sleeved shirt.

On Saturday, we had to leave Malacca. I was quite reluctant to leave as it was enjoyable there.

Today, we went to my cousin's house to celebrate her birthday and fathers' day. There were many people gathered there for the party. My cousins and I were very close and we spent our childhood together at our grandmother's house everyday. 

The third week is indeed the most enjoyable week out of all my holidays

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Holiday Journal - Keith 15 June

Today, I woke up earlier than usual to meet Jian Lun and Nathaniel at Jurong East MRT station. I was 15 minutes earlier than the planned schedule, Jian Lun came late by 10 minutes and Nathaniel came late by 30 minutes. Although they were late, we proceeded to the library behind Jcube Mall. We completed some homework in the library together. later on, we had our lunch at Jcube Mall and went to the library to complete more homework.

Friday, 16 June 2017

holiday journal 2 - Aidan

My second post for this holiday... At this day in time (17 June), I just came back from a holiday in penang,i was in that place from 13 June to 16 June. I was there with my family for 4 days. On the first day, We just went to the airport and took a 1 hour flight to penang, we soon reached our hotel,nothing very intresting. on the second day,we went to the escape theme park over there for the whole day. On the third day,we went to check out a tempale. on the last day, we just took the plane back to singapore.

Holiday Journal 3 (12 June - 18 June) by Isaac Lim

The highlight of the week was spending time with my father who came back to Singapore after spending about five months working in Brunei. We went to KidZania Singapore to spend our first day together. Although KidZania targets young children, there is no harm trying it out and spending my time with my family. Despite the long queues and exorbitantly expensive ticket pricing, we were still glad that took time off to do some things together. After that, we went to Vivo City to watch Despicable Me 3. The movie was good, and so was KidZania. At the end of the day, we were exhausted and wanted to sleep badly.

Holiday Journal 2 (5 June - 11 June) by Isaac Lim

The highlight of my week was meeting up with a group of my primary school friends for a movie. The movie was called Napping Princess or Hirune Hime in Japanese. We have a common interest in Japanese anime thus we became good and close friends. After the movie, we went for lunch at Burger King and talked about the unique things about our schools. Since we live near one another, we took the MRT back to our neighbourhood and played at a neighbourhood playground. We played hide-and-go-seek and other activities. At the end of the day, we bid our goodbyes, turned our backs and walked home. We enjoyed the time spent together and hope to meet up soon.

Holiday Journal by Benjamin

It was the beginning of the holidays. I was excited because it was going to be a long break. I had 2 camps, a trip to Melaka, a golf tournament, and a Cruise Trip as the highlights of my holidays.
On the first few days of the camp, I had a camp. It was located near to where I live at, so it was not that of a hassle to reach the Campsite. When we arrived, the campsite was packed with my other accomplices who chose to join the camp. It was an outdoor camp and we got to actually experience an actual feeling on how a camp is like.
Midway through the Holidays, my family and I went overseas to Melaka. We were there for three days and two nights. We went to Melaka to visit our relatives and do some shopping.
A few days later, I had another camp. Somehow, it is a coincidence that it was the same campsite, so I was more aware of where the place is and where the facilities were located at. Because I know the site well, my mates kept on asking me on where is where.
The day after we booked out of our camp, I had a golf tournament. I enjoyed the tournament because it was exciting to see all the competitors swinging their golf balls to far ends. Although I did not win any trophies, it still was a good experience.
Two days later, I have the final highlight of my holidays. My family and I went on a Cruise Trip to Penang and Langkawi. It was June the eighteenth, and at eleven o’clock, my family and I started boarding the cruise. The cruise ship eventually set sail at three o’clock in the afternoon, and I have to say, it was a breathtaking view of the shores of Singapore in my cabin.
The next day, the cruise ship arrived at the harbor. We have arrived in Penang. We went shopping around the area, and I enjoyed many local cuisines. That afternoon, we went back to our ship, which eventually set sail to Langkawi. Langkawi was actually smaller than I thought. It is smaller than Singapore, and we hung around at the beach before boarding back into our cruise ship, which was heading back for Singapore.
That was pretty much what I have done for my June Holidays.

My Holiday Journal 4 - aliah 😋

16 June 2017

Last Saturday I went to Hari Raya bazaar at Geylang Serai. My father decided to Grab a car instead because he was too lazy to wait for a car park at Geylang as it was always full. As I hopped into the backseat of the car, I realised that the driver looked very familiar, he looked like one of the SST teachers. I slide the seat belt across my chest and buckled it up and ready to take a short nap, but something interrupted me. It was the driver. As he starts the car, he nearly bumped into a lorry driving past us, luckily, he stopped in time before we collide. Phew... But as he started embarking on his duties to drive us to Geylang, he speeded all the way through, nearly hit another lorry, beat the red light twice and got shot by the speed camera twice. Terrible driving!

As we reached our destination, my sister blurted out a comment that shouldn't have been said. "What an EPIC ride, I nearly died!" My mum made my sister's face bright red. As my sister was being slapped, I took one more glimpse of the driver's face, but I couldn't. My glasses was fogged up, and all I can see was the driver waving at me.

The lights along the road were extracting, banners over banners of "Selamat Hari Raya", and the whole area were like flooded with many people, I hardly can breathe.
I thought we came to Geylang to shop for clothing for Hari Raya, but instead, we came there to just shop for my sister's baking ingredients. What a waste of my time! So I waited outside with my father, while my mum shopped with sister inside the bakery for thirty minutes, till they finally exit.

My eyes kept cropping up on the food stall which sold some kind of mysterious food. When you eat it, some mist will be puffing out of your mouth. The little round balls are Fruit Loops, just in a round shape.
And after eating that, I went home.

While for this week, I happy that I finally finished my Chinese AA, geography AA and IRS. But the worst thing of all is that I haven't started my revisions, and I still have I&E to do though. But when I read everyone's blog post, they had time to play and enjoy themselves! I don't even know how they managed to squeeze in time for travelling and play time, all I know I can't. All I have is at night when I can finally rest. So I did something a 13-year-old girl wouldn't do, putting on a facial mask. My mum bought them in Korea, she said I could use all 100 facial masks, but I wouldn't dare. It was like I was having a little spa of my own in front of the television, applying lotion on my arms and massaging my face with the mask on. It was really relaxing. But it can only happen these weeknights, my mum said. But my facial is still the same.... That's sad.....

I was so into my work that I realised that I haven't blogged for quite a while. I just started my blog a month ago, I feel happy about the response outcome though. Since I don't have any Facebook, Tweeter, Instagram, snap chat or whatsoever, I decided to spread my own quotes through my own blog, since my mum always wanted me to start one of my own. Quite pleasing.

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Holiday Journal 7th May - Troy

It was the beginning of the holidays. My cousin my sister and I to their house for a play date. My cousin is more of a sports person, unlike me. I have never thought of myself as a good sports person. However, when we played basketball, I did surprisingly well. I was not only able to shoot but also able to dribble the ball well.

After lunch, we decided to go swimming. I decided to challenge myself by solving the rubik's cube under water as I saw a few people on television do so. Inspired, I decided to give it a shot. The first few attempt were fruitless. I was breathless and was not able to solve it. However, with perseverance, I manage to achieve my goal of solving the rubik’s underwater a couple off times. I now understand the power of determination. 

After playing, our uncle brought us to a Japanese restaurant and later played with their dog. It was a very unproductive day but at least we had fun.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Holiday Journal 13h May - Troy

It has been two weeks into the holidays already. Most of us wish that it could last forever, I was not an exception. However I also missed school. I missed my friends, the jour new to school and much more. The thing that i was most missed was the ADMT lessons, more specifically the cardboard modelling lessons.  Hence, a few days ago I created out a sketch of what I wanted to build which was a coin sorter machine that was inspired by a youtube video I came across a few weeks ago. 

After that, I got to work and started drawing the nets out on a piece of unwanted lego box and stared cutting it out using a pen knife. Next, I started scoring the cardboard. To my astonishment, I cut the cardboard all the way through. I was disappointed with myself as I had never made that mistake before. However I soon realised this was caused because the lego cardboard box was twice a thin as the on I am used to. Reluctant, I redrew to mets and started all over again. I soon realised that the same method of doing thing must be twigged to suit the current circumstance. After two hours of cutting, scoring and gluing, Ive finally completed the coin sorting machine.

The machine can sort coins according to their denomination except of 50¢ and $1 coin because the 50¢ coin from the 2nd series and the $1 coin from the 3rd series has the same size vice versa. The machine sorts the coins by size. The coins will slide through a ramp, and if it is smaller than the hole, it will fall through hence being sorted out. There is still one minor issue with it. That is occasionally the coins might fall thought a different hole. Although I am still trying to figure out why, I am very happy of the final result.

My Holiday Journal 1

30th May 2017

       Today its my mother's birthday! I made my mother a chocolate cake for the first time. It is very easy to make a cake. You will just need some flour, milk, chocolate powder, butter, eggs, vanilla essence, etc. After mixing each and every ingredients together by hang for 5 minutes, you will need to put the cake into the oven to bake for ≈ 30 min at 230˚c / ≈446ƒ.After the cake is baked, I placed the cake into the refrigerator  to let it chill.After we came back from our special dinner that night, I took the cake out of the refrigerator to decorate it with icing. When my family ate that cake that I baked that night, they said that it was delectable.

Holiday Journal 27th May - Troy

It was the first day of the holiday but instead of staying at home to rest, I was task to help out in the SST open house. It was a one-of-a-kind experience especially since this is the first time I have helped out. My duty was to help out in the principals talk, which was held in the auditorium. I had to do things like ushering parents to their seat, handing over the microphone to parents with question etc. 

There were four session fro the principals talk and most of the time my job was to open the door the parents to come in and out of the auditorium. We could not open the door as the noise from the other events will be a form a distraction for the audience and when we close the door, it will give out a loud  ‘Bang!’ and will disturb the audience.  Our IC asked us to manually open the door for them. However, we were bored of it and want to take a shortcut of putting the door stopper near the end of the door so that it will be ajar instead of slamming shut. However, it did go we wanted to go. Not only did the set up made more noise, it also jammed the door. It was a pain to solve the complication. From this experience, I learnt that shortcuts may be be the best way to. go and it may add oil to the fire.

The SST open house was on the 27th May which happened to be the first day of fasting for the Muslim students.  Breakfast and lunch was provided and our teacher in-charge bought too much food resulting in pile and piles of left overs. I honestly feel really bad for the muslim students. Not only were so much food everywhere in the room, but the fact that their duty requires so much energy will also make them crave for food and water. While doing my duty, I tried not to bring my water bottle because I didn't want to make the feel bad. Although the muslim students are probably used to it, but even I was thirsty and i could not imagine what they must have been going through. 

Overall, the SST open house was an eye-opening experience for me. I learnt a thing or two and had enjoy myself. I hope there will be and event similar to this in the future.

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Holiday journal 2 - RouFu

Week 2
11 June 2017
This week, we went out to celebrate one of my brother's friend birthday. We have never celebrated anyone's birthday besides each other's but this was an exception as her family was in Indonesia so no one could help her celebrate. The most interesting thing I did was playing a new board game with my siblings a new board game. It was interesting as we were 'betting' on camels 'racing' and we moved them with cards, it was fun and we played for almost 2 hours.
During the second week of the school holidays, I had to learn how to operate a stove and the basic skills of cooking. My grandmother taught me how to fry an egg, although the egg was hardly edible. By the end of the lesson, the kitchen was a mess, pieces of the eggshell were scattered around the table.In the end, I had to throw away the egg as it had many eggshell pieces in it.

JingHui's holiday journal 2- week 2

For the second week, I've decided to take a break from my homework and find a pastime. I felt like a pastime that doesn't require any electronic devices would be great. After searching online for one, I've decided on clay sculptures. I have only made 1 sculpture of one of the characters from my favourite show. It looks pretty good for my first time sculpting. I also rewatched all of my favourite show series while waiting for a new season. For the third week i will be doing my AAs, doing some revision and preparing for the new school term.
June holiday week one week two

My holidays were really fun as of now. First I went to Vietnam with the school for GCP. It was awesome. Although I had went to Vietnam many times, the GCP trip had brought me to many new places. Such as the Yakult factory and the palace. I was not expecting to make so many friends in the GCP trip. Many of them were from other classes. After the first and second day of the trip, many of us got along really well. For some reason many of the people in GCP things I am funny and we will usually have a comedy session at the back of the bus. We knew that it was really rude to talk while our guide is talking and I was proud that the people behind stopped talking when the guide was talking. I felt like it was really respectful of them so I stopped talking too. I felt like that was one of my greatest takeaway from this trip and I will try to do it in class. From the trip we also learned many things and there was even a challenge held. We were suppose to say thank you to anyone who helped us and assist us. At first I didn't think that the challenge will help me, but I just kept saying thank you to people who help me throughout the trip. When I reached Singapore, I was shocked that I continued saying thank you to people who help me. When I realise what I did I kept thinking to myself, how is this happening, I am saying thank you when I usually don't. After the Vietnam trip, I rested for about one and a half day. Immediately after I came back from the trip, I fell sick. It was one of the worst times to fall sick as two days after my Vietnam trip, I needed to fly to Korea. I was really lucky as I did manage to recover on time. I went to Korea and I this time I went to a many different place. On the first four days, I went to Busan. I visited many nice places such as the world largest department store-Shinsegae. The weather in Busan was also one of the best. Next I went to Gyeongju, it was one of the oldest towns in Korea and it was where the kings in the past used to stay. It has three UNESCO heritage sites and I went to all of them. I really like the old structures as they look really nice. Then of course we needed to shop. So we when to Seoul, the weather was not perfect as it was really warm the first few days of my stay. My family and I bought many things and obviously my mother and sister bought many cosmetics. After Seoul we needed to go back to Singapore.  It was funny that ou luggage got from 14kg to 25kg. We even got a, "Cautions heavy load" tag on our luggage. When we reach Singapore, the weather felt about thrice the heat of Korea, till now I am still perspiring profusely while typing. The next few weeks of my holidays will start to get boring as I need to rush my homework. All in all, this June holiday is one of the more exciting holiday for me.

Journal entry 2 Edmund Tan

Second week of june holidays things got slightly better it is confirmed that we are going ipoh but is that good news or bad? It was good news until my father decided to drive there. It will be at least a eight hour drive.This week was much better still home work but at least less. i got to watch the show Mind Your Language. And on wednesday i got to go to SPCA to look at a the dogs , cats and rabbit. And then we got to eat at Pappa Rich and then had Four Fingers crispy chicken for a snack.

My holiday journal 1

My holiday was boring as i had no holidays because there was too much homework i hope that when it is july we can have a one month break again without any homework. I am very tired and angry that i have so much homework. I only manage to watch Korean drama during breaks in between homework. I watched the korean drama during the break. I watched the korean dram Healer. It was about this character that korean actor Ji Chang Wook acted. Healer is a 'night courier' night couriers are people that you pay a large sum to and they help you steal documents, fix bugs in other people place, trepass properties and more. The story line is about him m finding out his relations with this person he was suppose to stalk.

Friday, 9 June 2017

(5 June to 11 June) Holiday Journal 2 - Krin Yew

The most exciting activity of the week is going to Pulau Ubin with my primary schoolmates from different levels. We got to know each other through our parents. From then on, we went out as groups and never left anyone behind. I one family was unable to come, we would change the date to a day that everyone is available. On that day, we all met at Chinese Garden MRT Station before moving out. We spent lots of time together.We took the MRT towards Changi and dropped at Tanah Merah. From there we took a bus which brought us to Changi Village where we had our breakfast and it was 10.20AM. At Changi Village, we took a ferry from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal which brought us to Pulau Ubin. We had lots of fun there. We cycle up hills, dashed down hills enjoying the breeze that came rushing into our faces. The most exciting part was falling down the hill together. Due to the hot weather, the mud dried up and our bicycles slipped, causing us to roll down. It was lucky none of us got injured in the accident. Soon there was a very steep down slope, my sister did not heed the locals advice of coming down her bike and slowly push it down. Instead, she dashed down the slope. She did not notice that it was a rocky road. Her bicycle flipped, sending her flying off her bicycle. she put her hand out to stop herself from skidding across the rocks and got a deep cut across her palm. It is the one and only picture I can't get out of my mind. I have been trying to remember the trip for what happened that were good and not bad. I look forward to the next trip.

If I could name a second most exciting event, it would be going to the Army open house at Jurong East MRT station with the same friends as those that came for the Pulau Ubin trip. I had a lot of fun there trying the obstacle course, although it was designed for small children under the age of 10.I also tried to carry their backpack which had a minimum weight of 25kg! The officer told me that that the heaviest backpack will only be 45 kg, but I still have a hard time believing that. The largest tank they have on display is the Leopard Tank. It is cool on the outside but cooler on the inside. I went in and sat on the chairs in it and there was air-conditioners int he vehicle. I would look forward to next years open house and see if there are any more cool stuff coming up.

(29 May to 4 June) Holiday Journal 1 - Krin Yew

During the first week of my holidays, I went for my fifth National Day training. It sounds boring, but it was also my first time training with soldiers from the Singapore Armed Forces. It was the most exciting activity of the week as the rest of my days were spent on going for extra tuition to help me in my results for certain subjects. My friend and I trained with the soldiers from 10 in the morning to 6 in the evening. It was tiring, but I learnt much more moves to make the show more mesmerising.
It was also my first combined rehearsal with the rest of the performers that will be performing with me on the previews and on 9th of August. I met familiar faces and made new friends. It was the best rehearsal so far and I always look forward to the next one.

My Holiday Journal 3 -aliah 😋

9 June 2017

This week, time flew quite fast, it was like a blink of an eye and the holidays are cut short. This week was a really busy week indeed! 

I had to send and fetch my younger sister to her silly baking class to learn how to bake a rolled Nutella cake. It lasted for 5h and worst of all my parents begged me to send and fetch her from baking class. I was like unwilling to do such stuff, it was wasting my precious time, but what caught my mind was when I watched a show called "Missing". It could be my last time I will be seeing her because of my laziness, so I just agreed. But it was still time-consuming, and it was a total waste of money! My parents spent $185 on her baking class, and she only produced 4 rolled cakes out of her hands. That's so little for my stomach to consume!

"Protection will save you one worry and one heart. Laziness will murder the loved ones in your heart..."'

My sister is very lucky indeed. She gets to go for what she wants and I can't, but not just that, she got something else as well. She got new spectacles! The brand was called "Eyelets" it is a new series of children to teenagers spectacles in the optical shop. The spectacles displayed were very eye-grabbing, and I wanted one too, but my eyes were perfectly fine. But my sis was not, it increases from 400-600 degrees, so she has to get new spectacles. I know getting a spectacle isn't a big deal, but I haven't changed mine for three years, and she changes hers every year. My spectacle is literally peeling off, and I can't change. That spectacle my sister purchased was partially plastic, and the sides were made of metal, but not to worry it's safe. The metal sides had a hole to slot any rubber sides she wants. The ones that ranged from plain coloured rubber sides to a smiley faced rubber sides. You can change it anytime you want! And additionally, she receives a free clip-on sunshade. That's not fair! I don't even have shades. But my mum said that the spectacles my sister had was very expensive, $650 and it was rather meaningless to have a new one. Firstly because they don't come in pink and it wasn't a badminton brand. Although I know my mum is trying to push in positive thoughts in my mind, I will not mind not having the spectacles but..... I will still wait for a pink frame when I grow older!

"In life, Jealousy is one weapon, Positivity is one magician. Jealousy can kill others hearts, but Positivity tricks your mind away from stabbing another heart..."

Next, on my unlucky list, I had to redo my geography AA three times. Firstly, I did an iBook for geography, but I didn't save, so my father fixed the problem, but he deleted all my pictures I placed in my book. But it was okay, I continued for the week and wrote 100 pages on geography, and I had to redo again because there was a template that was given, and I did not use it. I was there throwing a tantrum, but after a while, I thought about it, if I keep on being angry, I can never do it in time. So now I am rushing to redo another set, but I was lucky, I am half done in one day.

"Saving your work is one thing, reading instruction fully is another. One detail gone, you are on fire..."

On Monday I bought a book because I realised that my collections of books were kind of kiddish, so I decided to borrow some books from my sister. Even though she was two years younger than me, she reads a young adult book and her books she reads are about as thick as all my fingers laid on the sides of the book. All I know, I won't be able to finish that book in one year! I need time to digest the narration of the story. So I have been saving enough money to buy a book so that I could annotate it. And it was like 5 years since I got a book other than RSITM. So I decided to get a book and start reading for a start to build up on my vocabulary and maybe a better narrative for my compositions. Since it was a little too late for me to start something that should be done many years ago, but it will never be too late to patch up my reading! When my parents found out that I spent a big sum of money on the book, they were not so angry, but still relieved that I was starting something that I dislike, so they made a deal that I must finish that book by the end of the holidays. But after thirty minutes I was still on the first page because I was kind of confused. 'Caught her foot on the roots and she was flying.' She caught her foot on the roots and flew? Then I realised, 'flying' was a metaphor. She tripped on the roots and it was like she was flying in the air for a short while. What a strong metaphor! 

" If you are slacking behind, and didn't patch things well, thinking a 'pass' was a satisfaction for a while. Turn the clock forward, quicker than time, to find out that you are just drowning alright. Right below the surface unable to climb, you suffer more than what you have not done. It's a chain series, and year pass by, and the chain adds up, the tougher you have to fight. Start small and start a new start, stop clinging to your past, and patch up in life..."

Thank you for reading the journal and my 'mindmade' quotes.😁

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Holiday Journal 1- Roufu

3 June 2017
This week, I spent most of my time at home doing homework. The most interesting thing I did was to learn making dumplings from my grandmother to give my aunt as a belated birthday present for her. Some skin of the dumplings I made was torn as I was too rough, but overall it was fulfilling as my aunt appreciated my gesture. 

Holiday Journal 1 (29 May - 4 June) by Isaac Lim

During the first week of the June holidays, the most memorable activity is me going back to school for CCA training for an upcoming competition. The team progressed quickly, and I am proud to be working with such talented peers. However, the physical training was very difficult. We were needed to do 50 push ups and 50 jumping jack. It sounds easy, but it's not. Soon after starting the physical training, drops of sweat started flowing down my cheeks. We also had vocals training as well and it was fun as it was my first time doing breathing exercises and learning about the different sections in a choir. It was an eye-opening experience and I really enjoyed the CCA sessions.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Holiday journal 1 JingHui

During the holidays, I would usually go to my grandmother's house with my cousins. I was there finishing up my written homework. I will go to the nearby basketball court to play basketball with my siblings and cousins. Sometimes we would go swimming. I won't be going to school during the holidays so this is pretty much what I do everyday
My Holiday Journal 1 | Keith Chia
2nd June 

Last Friday, I woke up before the sun shone on the streets. It was just 4.30 a.m. and I had to brush my teeth, take a shower, eat my breakfast and head off to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in My father's car. I was asleep most of the journey. I woke up 30 minutes before we reach my grandmother's home. By the time I arrive at our destination, it was 11.00 a.m. After having lunch, I visited my great grandmother who is 98 years old and was warded in the nearest hospital because she fell down and hurt her arm. She was able to recall my Chinese name, "Wen Kai" in Cantonese. I was surprised because she did not even recognise my mother.

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

my journal 1 tan ye kai

on the first day of school holiday, my neighbours came over to play with us. we played board games and went down to the playground to play hide and seek. my aunty cooked fried rice for all of us to eat and it was very delicious. Tuesday was a day for work. i wrote a composition and did practices on vocabulary and editing. on Wednesday the cycle repeats and i do another set of work. on Thursday i went to my piano lesson before realising that the teacher forgot about mine slot. on Friday I went to carl's house to have coding lessons from him he was a patient teacher. on Sunday I went to wild wild wet with my family it was a very god time to bond with my family as we took rides as a group

Friday, 2 June 2017

My Holiday Journal 2 - aliah 😋

2 June 2017

My friendship

As always, Mr Lim always asks us to reflect on our actions which lead to a certain result obtained. So today I reflected on why Isaac Lim said that my life was so sad. I have always told myself that certainly, my life was enjoyable indeed! Nothing was in my way, I was not overdoing myself, and I was having fun studying. But when the class brought up the topic, " Why doesn't Aliah wants to go to the class party, let's persuade her." Isaac Lim will be fuming mad at me. I don't get the big deal having a party at the end of the year when we can see each another next year? And if I don't want to go, the class can just go with 24 instead, it doesn't make a difference, like who can possibly remember me when I am not present? Remembering when I was lost where to go after my morning duty, no one called me to confirm where I was supposed to go. I had no wifi then because I just can't use it. And a group of s1-04 people was lost too, but they gladly excepted me to follow them. But I know the class is one for all and all for one, and I can't just fault Isaac. Although he is a good friend to everyone, I would still rather study for the next year instead. But as per usual, Isaac will scream and the top of his lungs at the table with Jing Hui, Rou Fu and Glenda,
"Aliah, for the last time, just go to the party!" 
But I always tell him, "If one-day money falls from the sky!"
Then he will always reply the same way, "Doesn't your parents give you money! They should know, you are just a student and you haven't started working!"

I gave up on him. But he continued with his speech, "Aliah your life is so sad, you know!"
That really triggered me, but he continued," You wake up, do your stuff, go to school, come home, and study, and finally sleep. And imagine if you repeat the same thing every day, especially when you like studying, your life is basically very boring."
So I tried to change the topic and I found out that I will get into more trouble, "I don't trust the class."
"So are you trying to say that you don't trust Jing Hui, Rou Fu and Glenda! Ha, now I can see you have no friends!"
Rou Fu was shocked, " You don't trust us, that hurts!"
I was about to fight back, but when I scroll back the scene, I realised that what Isaac said was true I don't trust anybody and interrelated, I might have no friends. Could this mean that I lose my friends? I just got a group of company friends, although they are not my type, I would just squeeze in and try to fit in. Although they weren't like my primary school mates, opening arms and always care for a listening ear when I needed one, they were fine as long they don't do things like bullying. 

Now I am really not sure, I am just sitting on the fence, letting my butt hurt more than ever. Do I have true friends? Should I have friends? Or just leave without it? My life is miserable after thinking about it. I got bullied twice physically, got abandoned twice by my best friend, got used as a dumb puppet hung on a string and a male teacher nearly did wrong things towards me and it all happened during my primary school days. But I never once told anyone about it, because I simply don't trust anyone. And now in SST, in class during group works, I will be rejected by all the pro-people,  and end up with people I really want to be torn apart from, and I really want a taste of collaborative people how does their work. And I can't believe people are complaining once they got such people. Only some are in my shoes, about being abandoned and irritating.  But you see my life today is still fine without a true friend, I am doing well and okay, I am still living anyways.

" Life is like a dish. Without garnishes, your food will not be delicious and will be discarded away. Likewise, your friend is the true "garnishes" of life, which leads you to a "delicious" future ahead..." - aliah

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Holiday journal 1 by Aidan

On 1 June,I went with my old primary school friends to Adventure Cove Waterpark.On that day,I was supposed to meet my friend xiu cheng at his house by 10am... but I overslept and reached his house at 10.30am!After that,we went to vivocity and used the boardwalk to reach Adventure Cove,we went to the lazy river there and took all the slides there,it was a really enjoyable experince!At the end of the day,we took the boardwalk back to vivocity and we went on our seperate ways after that,it felt really good to see my primary school friends again!

Sunday, 28 May 2017

My Holiday Journal 1 - aliah 😊

27 May 2017

SST's Open House day.

  Today was the first time participating in the annual open house, and I was kind of looking forward to an enjoyable day. But it turned out to be a twist of my unfortunate fate...

  Here's my trail of "happy" fate...

  I read my email this morning at 6:30 am and unexpectedly shocked when I found out that I had to report to school at 7 am. I have not bathed, changed into my uniform and gel my hair. I had to gel my hair, as instructed by the teacher so that to look neat and formal when meeting the parents. (I found that very meaningless though.) I rushed out of the house on a pleasant Saturday morning and ran to school because the distance between the school was so near that I had to walk. The time ticked by as I waited impatiently for the green light to flash. As I reached the school compound, I skipped two-step at a time to reach the fifth floor, and to the tutorial room 2. But once I opened the door of the room, there were only ten people present, what a waste of my precious time! I could have spent it on "important" stuff like taking a stroll to school, enjoying the morning sunrise, but instead I wasted it all.

  At 7:50 am, I had duties at the ADMT booth. I was supposed to help out in the hands-on activities, and welcome visitors entering. It was fine when the open house started at 8:30 in the morning, but once it reaches nine plus, everything was getting out of control. Little kids of age around five years old started roaming in and participating in the hands-on activities. I gave a sheet of paper for them to design and cut out the shape of the photo stand. After five minutes or so, they were still staring at the piece of paper wondering what to do. At that moment, I just realised that they couldn't understand the instruction, and I think that Ms Neubronner had typed the instruction wrongly. I stood opposite them as though I was the teacher teaching them what to do. I made sure that they don't get cut by the scissors when handling them, and as well as assigning some students to supervise them. If anyone gets hurt in any ways, all the responsibilities will be in my hands. While supervising them, I saw one five-year-old kid colouring the print-out very uniquely. Here's the picture:

  Once my part was completed, I went to the toilet to get my hair done before my break time. Unfortunately, my IC, Yin Mon, said that the auditorium is shot of manpower and needed help at that moment. So I rushed back to level five to the back door of the auditorium, as I had duties with Troy. It was very boring as the IC told me not to fidget and greet all the visitors. The IC was very irritating she said that everything is a disgrace if you don't follow as she says. This went on the whole day, and I could not stand the "boringness" infecting my head, so I acted like an irritating little kid disturbing the IC all day long. Troy kept on doing silly stuff like kissing the door of the auditorium and saying hi to all the alumni as he was bored too. So during the break time, we had an entertainment by Troy. One of the alumni thought that Troy was a secondary two acting like a secondary one student. Upon hearing that surprising news, Troy cuddled himself like a cat between the alumni and hugged him too. Afterwards, Troy went on stage to fetch a frisbee thrown by other alumni and return it back to them and said hi as well. The alumni were freaked out by Troy's contagious weirdness, and said " Hi Troy." Troy was so happy that the alumni know his name and chubbily replied, "How do you know my name? Am I that popular?" 
"It is written on your badge. Troy and a smiley face"
As elated as usual, Troy jumped up and down, "You are my best friend!"
The alumni bent down their heads and quickly walked away, out of the auditorium.
Once our duty started again, Troy, together with me, waited outside to welcome the visitors. But as per usual, there were some performances by the guitar ensemble and secondary one show choir. Ten minutes before the Principal's talk, the show choir members arrived. Their faces were all splattered with vibrant makeups and bright red lips, all of them appeared striking. Troy was searching high and low for Isaac Lim to appear, till he found Isaac. He jumped up and went crazy like he was going to shake Isaac till death. So as per usual, I was doing my duties guarding the door and managing the noise level outside. Then came a very irritating secondary two show choir member, I have no idea why she is performing with the secondary ones, she was complaining that I should open the back door as there isn't any more space and if she squeezes in, she might not have oxygen and die. Nonsense! Then when the show choir left for their performances, I got scolded for not closing the door by the IC.

  The last shift was very tensed as the auditorium was full because everyone wants to get their sit for the last talk. It was then I had to reject people from entering the auditorium. So there was a family of four willing to join the talk, but sadly I had to reject them. But right after they left, Jun Rong said that there were still five more seats left. It was then I felt so sorry for the family as who knows that talk was crucial to them. Then, there was one man wearing bright orange budging into the auditorium even though Troy have rejected him. So we just left him to be like that. The principal's talk exceeded the time frame of thirty minutes and end up lasting for one hour and thirty minutes instead. And there goes me swinging on the railings of every stair till the talk ends at four.

  After the talk, I was expecting to go home, but instead, we had a debrief by Yin Mon. Waste of my time. She asked me what was bad that day, so I said that rejecting people when there were seat was bad, but Yin Mon started nagging about me being very childish and stating that rejecting people was a good thing, also, she said I didn't do my duties well, but obviously, I did well. I guided the parents to the washrooms, answered their questions and even help them to supervise their child. That were all not my duties by I did it. If she can't appreciate interjecting her words, movements and some fun, this duty will only be white and black all the day, lucky for her that we brought joy to the parents and their little kids. But you see I didn't care much as she was after all my leader, and she had to carry out more important duties than me, and I forgive her for whatever she had done. Today, I did cross the line too much.

  All in all, I think I should just listen to her instructions and do what was needed if she can do all four shifts, why can't I. Today I was really a bad girl indeed. 😔

 "Acting as a leader wasn't a tough job to do, but being a leader was a job that one can't do it overnight..." 

Thursday, 18 May 2017

June holiday journal entry

Write one journal entry every week during your holiday, giving an account of the most interesting activity you did in that week. Every student should post at least 4 journal entries by the end of the holiday. 

  • Your journal entry should be written in the past or past perfect tense. 
  • It should be between 100 to 150 words.
  • It should be written in prose (and not in bullet points). 
  • Your journal entry should not just be a list of things you did but it should include your reflection on how you spent the time that day and what you wish to achieve the next week.


Journal Entry by John Tan
This week, I spent most of my time at my grandmother's house. The most interesting thing I did was to learn from my grandmother how to bake chocolate biscuits. That day, the whole house was filled with an intense aroma of freshly baked cookies...

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Visual Text Analysis by Jian Lun

1. What is the purpose of the poster?

The purpose of the poster is to let the general public know about this scam.

2. What is the intended message of this poster?

The message is to alert the general public to not fall into this scam.

3. Who might be the intended audience?

The intended audience is the general public.

4. How does the image in the poster help to achieve the purpose?

The image shows a person saying, " I have your son, transfer the ransom and you will have him back.". This shows that scammer will use your child so that you will pay the scammer the money when your child is actually safe. It means that no one should pay the scammer any money before confirming his or her child's safety first.

5. How does the text help to achieve the purpose?

There is a text saying "Don't fall for his kidnap scam". The word "scam" is the keyword to show that it is a scam.

Monday, 1 May 2017

Visual Text By Benjamin

1. What is the purpose of the image?
Ans: The purpose of the image is to make the people looking at the poster wanting to savor the chicken wings.

2. What is the message of the image?
Ans: The message of the image is for KFC to ask people to consume their product.

3. Who might be the intended audience?
Ans: The intended audience might be the general public.

4.  How does the image help to achieve the purpose?
Ans: The image help to achieve the purpose of making people drool and tempting the people to buy the chicken wings.

5. How does the text help to achieve the purpose?
Ans: The text help to achieve the purpose of informing the facts to the people of the KFC wings.

Visual Text by Carl Voller

1. What is the purpose of the image?
The purpose of the image is to make sure that when people buy houses off online, they must verify the seller's reputation.

2. What is the message of the image?
The message is to  beware that potential home owners should exercise care before making purchases as scams are aplenty.  

3. Who might be the intended audience?
People who are looking to rent a house off an online site or seller.

4.  How does the image help to achieve the purpose?
The image shows a house with nothing behind it which tells us that it may look nice when u first rent it, but you must always check if what you rent is what you want.

5. How does the text help to achieve the purpose?
 The text shows tips of how to verify and prevent a property scam.

Animation on top by me. If you want that effect in your article, message me.

Visual Text

The purpose of this poster is to warn people that burglars can break into your house easily so we should lock the door every time.

The message of this poster is to that home owners must secure their houses securely.

The intended audience is the general public of Singapore.

The image shows a burglar breaking into a home very easily. So it makes people fear that this might happen to them.

The text 'Don't make burglars feel welcome' show that you should not leave your doors unlocked for burglars or anyone else to enter your house.

Visual Text

Q1. Who is the main audience of this poster?
 The audience of this question is people who do not take responsibility when they cause an accident.

Q2.Why do you think they put a young girls picture in this poster?
The girl is used to represent young children who are in the car that met an unfortunate accident.Also to tell people that in an accident not only does adults get injured so do children.

Q3.After seeing this poster, do you think it is important to be a safe driver? Explain your answer.
Yes, I think it is important to be safe when driving on roads. When we are not safe we might bang into other drivers who might have kids on board, if we hit them we might injure the kids too. These kids that did not survive the crash might be the future of our kind and losing them means losing our lives too.


Visual Text by Zara

1.What is the purpose of the image?
The purpose of the message is to make the public stop buying exotic souveniers.

2. What is the message of the image?
The message is to 
make the public more aware of what happens when they buy exotic souveniers.

3. Who might be the intended audience?
The intended audience is the general public.

4.  How does the image help to achieve the purpose?
The image shows the blood of the animals who died for the souveniers and it shows that when we buy, we contribute and cause that.

4.  How does the image help to achieve the purpose?
The image shows a normal person carrying a suitcase that left a trail of blood which tells us that when we buy exotic souveniers, we too cause this.