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Saturday, 19 August 2017

My Gift of Life - Jing Hui

In this story, a mother was told multiple times that her child would die within 24 hours. The author had congestive heart disease and later fluid built up all around her tiny organs which caused severe kidney damage. She had to undergo 10 surgeries before she was 15. When she was 11, she had undergone 6 surgeries, however her kidneys were slowly failing. She had to go for 1 last surgery before she was listed on the National waiting list. Her parents were tested to donate the kidneys but both of them were not suitable. She was later informed of the suitable donor and the operation was successful.

Silent Scream by Tan Rou Fu

In this story, Silent Scream, is about a girl who is suppressing all her emotions, she doesn’t tell her friends about her anguished thoughts, she just smiles. She is not feeling ok but fakes that she is fine not allowing people to be worried for her. She lied. Till one day she crumbled down and cried and all her emotions were set free. Although she tells people to go away, she really hopes people would care for her and let her tell them how she really feels, her words actually have a different meaning from what they really mean. She hopes people can help her and comfort her. She hopes people can understand her silent screams.

Based on what happened, I learned that we must make sure they are really fine. At times, your friends might be hiding their emotions to not make you worry. Ask them what is wrong and sometimes if they do not want to reveal just tell them that you are here for them when they need someone to talk to. When they really crumble down, cry and tell you to go away, sometimes they really need someone to talk to but cannot control their words. Sit down, talk to them and comfort them or even just keep quiet and listen what they have to say because sometimes all they need is just someone to listen to them, let them cry. Look at them in the eye and let them know you really care. Their words might not mean what they really mean at times. Most of the time, people behave differently at home.

I can apply it in my life maybe to my parents as sometimes they too would not tell you how they are really feeling. By sitting down with them and listening to them might let them feel comforted that their kid cares. I can also apply it to my friends, they behave the way they do for a reason. Although they might seem that they do not care about certain things at times, they do. When they are going through troubles stick with them and listen to them. Who knows? Maybe listening to them is all they needed to feel fine again.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Chicken soup for the soul reflection by Troy

The book "Chicken soup for the soul" is a book about teenagers emotional roller. The author of this book need spine braces and she
 was upset about it. The author was very self-continuous about her look and wanted no one to know about it. She wouldn't let people hug her and feel it. She also would change in a separate place from her friends. That is not the only example of how self-conscious the author. The author also uses makeup to make her look better.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Chicken Soup for the Soul Reflection | Silent Screams | Keith Chia Wen Kai

Silent Scream is a story about the author's encounter with serious depression. She feels depressed but no one understands her. She is also trying to hide her depression from her friends. She fears of seeking help as she fears that she might say offensive things.

I feel people like the author, Ashley that are depressed should talk to people that they sincerely trust about their matters. This is necessary as depression is a serious issue that can have severe consequences. These people should look for help instead of hiding it as it might be good for their mental health in the long run.

Friday, 28 July 2017

Edmund Tan chicken soup for the soul

The moment I knew I'd never be cool by D.marie O'Keeffe

It is the writer trying hard to be popular and cool. She compared herself to other people and tried to follow them. She copied a girl named Jen, who threw her blonde hair around to show off her dimples and put her head to one side when she asks for favors. The teacher thought that she fell ill. Then she copied Mandy and Kevin who were rebels, the writer started smoking shoplifting and etc. Afterward, she followed Sara and Shauna who said mean things about others and get a lot of reaction to it. She then realized that being cool is not easy and may not be the best option.

I learned that we should just be who we really are and we should accept others for who they are. Trying to imitate others to be cool or popular is just silly. Things may not go your way in life you may not be popular or cool. Being cool and popular may mean insulting others and stepping on top of them just to be popular.

I can apply this in life by being who I am. People like Amos Yee fell for this popular thing and ended up insulting the late prime minister and causing havoc in Singapore. But the media was stupid enough to give him more attention just to get "best rating of news" or "best newspaper". Things as being popular in school may end up being a full blown story on the media.

The last Runner -Sean

This short story is a narration about a paramedic telling his story in a marathon. He is supposed to provide medical help if needed. At the start of the story, They stay behind the last runner who had her feet turned in, but her knee turned out. It seemed impossible for her to run a marathon. BUT! she struggled to put one foot ahead of the other. All under the eyes of the paramedic. This lasted until she finished the marathon.

From this story, I have learned that I should never give up. No matter how hard it is, I should always persevere and my results will occur because of my perseverance. No matter how tired I am, No matter how injured I am. I should always persevere .

Thursday, 27 July 2017

The perfect Demon - Aidan Neo

This story is about a girl named Katelynn that wanted to be perfect in everything she did, if she didn't do anything pefectly, she would break down, she kept pushing herself, with no time for rest or play, thus causing her too be very stressed every day. One day, she saw her friend break down due to the stress of trying to be perfect, then she realised she was in the same hole as her. Thus, she decided to lower her standards and she became less stressed and more happy.
I have leared from this story is that nobody is perfect and our flaws makes us who we are.
After reading this story, I have decied to not be upset if I got 1 mark below full marks for a test as nobody is perfect.

Chicken soup for the teenage soul - Summary

By Krin

I am doing a summary about the story of Class Piggy Bank.

The story is about a girl who was teased in class. She was badly affected by the incidents that has happened, so she turned to reading a book everyday, every second, every minute. Until one day, one of the pupils who had teased her in the past came up to her and asked her why she was always reading a book. They wanted to know the reason behind her avoiding them. She turned to reading stories because her closest friend, Juliette. betrayed her. Juliette betraued the main character o fthe story by flipping the meaning o f what the main character had said. Example, the main character said "I wanted to help, but I have to rush to see my hospitalized mother, Juliette would change it to "I don't want to help you because I think you are stupid!" (This is just an example). The words of Juliette, hurt the main character so much that the main character started to hate social life.

Soon, the main character found it boring to always be alone. So, she tried different things to make herself fit in. She stole money from her mother. When her mother found out, the main character lied to her own mother saying that she did ni steal the money. Stealing made her popular in class. She was known as the richess and classmate or schoolmates would always come to her and ask for money. It was not long till her mother found out the truth. The main character found herself stealing more than fifty Euros per day.

It was lucky that the main characters parents punishment was not so heavy. She was only limited to a certain amount of allowance per day and the money she spent was always monintored by her parents. The puishment lasted until Christmas.

Finding Myself - Zara Hannah

In this story, the writer talked about all the things she did to try to fit in. She tried joining the cool kids club but they would all never last. Every time there was a change she would change to fit in. She had fake friends. She did  things she never thought she would do, in a negative way. She finally broke down and found herself again. She finally found true friends and was finally happy with who she was.

Based on what happened, I learned that I should not change for others to fit in. I learnt that changing because or for someone can lead to great consequences. Some of them may ruin my personality and just like the writer, I should embrace myself and stick to the people who accept me for who I am. I believe now that I will only truly fit in if I be myself. 

I read this story a few years back and i did apply it. When I was in Primary School, I used to treat everyone around me, scared that they would no longer want to be friends with me. I realised over time that I was being used and that I never had real friends. I had been making up excuses after excuses about treating my friends and getting all the latest trends to fit in. I read the article and it opened my eyes. I no longer treat my friends everyday just for them to remain friends with me.

Chicken soup for the teenage soul-Glenda

The story was about a girl whose best friend died in an accident. The girl blamed herself for her death as she borrowed her friend's car when hers broke down, and her best friend was robbed and shot by a man. her friend's mother tried all means to convince the girl that it was not her fault her best friend was dead.

Chicken Soup For The Teenage Soul | Isaac Koh

Spotlight On... Depression

This story is about the symptoms of depression and the difference of depression and feeling down. The difference between depression and and feeling down is that people feeling down can still cope with day-to-day life while depression is more like an illness that affects how the person thinks and feels about everything and anything. People who feel depressed experience symptoms like feeling sad and hopeless, lack of energy, having no appetite and difficulty with concentration.

Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul - Isaac Lim

Silent Scream by Ashley Yang

In the story, it talked about this girl named Ashley who suffered from depression. To not let her friends know that she is suffering, she smile, laugh and speak as if everything is fine. However, when she is home, she would crumble down and cry. The story talks about her journey and how she endured her suffering. She wants to receive help but at the same time, she is unable to control her word.

Based on what happened, I learned that I should be kinder in my speech, not harsh. I should show more care to my friends and check in with them to see if they are ok. I also learned that when some are suffering, they cannot control their speech, thus I should be more observant and not feel insulted or angered when they say some hurtful remarks. I should be encouraging my other friends to be kind to one another as everyone has feelings.

I can apply what I have learned from this story to my own life by being more caring and kind to my friends and family. I should not make fun or bully my peers as they will feel hurt. I should offer help and advice to my friends when I feel that they need it.

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Left behind by Maurisa Cohen

Summary by Ian

  There is a girl called Maurisa and she's going trough depression. She would always stare at her computer like a girl that has nothing better to do. She will be waiting for someone to text her or call her. Nobody did it and she was left alone at home from then on. Her heart was heart broken and she just needed someone to accompany her. She wished that things could have turned out her way. At first, she had friends. After a while, they found better friends than her and left her alone. She would always give a good show in school and she would always fight. She continue living a life which does not even exist. She would always remember the good times but does not know what would happen next.

  Based on what happened, I learnt that we should not be bad to other people. We should treat everybody equally as it is unfair to leave a person alone just like that. We must also try to help the person when she is upset and try to change into her usual self. We should also try to befriend with whoever, even though they are ugly or fat. We must not be judgemental and be kind to them. We mush show determination in the up and downs in our lives. We have to fight against it and be courages.

  I can apply what I have learnt from this story into my daily life by encouraging people who are feeling upset to get back up on their feet. We should motivate them not to be shy and try to make friends even if they think they cannot. We should also give them a call or text them when they have no one to talk to. We can teach other people to help their friends who are going trough depression also. I think the main lesson I have learn is we should not be shy and be determined through the ups and downs. There are days which is happy and we must cherish them.

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Silent Scream by Ashley Yang

Summary (Aliah's)

In this story, there's a girl named Ashley who went through depression. She doesn't want anyone to know about her problems so she decided to lie. Till one day she couldn't seal her secrets and problems anymore, so she crumbled down and cried. Her mind was a mess. She was desperately wanting for help but at the same time pushing people away from her. She was afraid that her problems might affect everyone. Now, all she could do was to cry alone in the darkness.

Based on what happened, I learnt that lying about your feelings to your friends is harmful to yourself. Indeed when I start the first lie, I felt good because no one had to worry about me. Imagine if someone has to worry about you all the time, you feel like a burden to them. That's bad. Having to experience the whole cycle of lying, I actually felt exactly how Ashley did. I lied every day, hoping the topic will not be brought up the next day. But until one day, I felt that I was unable to catch another breath because the load of lies just felt as though they were all going to seep out. I really don't want to spill all the truth to everyone. It was like a toxin being opened to everyone. Though I didn't crumble down and cry, I pull myself back together and stand up strong once again. Now, I am trying to patch my past and hopefully, forget about it.

Having to experience all those obstacles, I hope I can spread the words of mine. Everyone thinks being alone is fun and it is an escape from the real world, but when you go through the whole process, it will be difficult to climb back up on your two own feet. Life is fun when you have people who you can trust and talk to. Let it all out before it comes back on you. I can apply this experience to the daily life of mine. If any one is left out, I will be more than happy to accept him or her. 

Friday, 21 July 2017

Chicken Soup for the Soul

Dear Students, 

I hope you enjoyed reading Chicken Soup for the Soul. 

Please post your response to one of the stories you read from the book.

Subject of Post: (Title of story) by (Name of Student) 

You should summarise the story in general. This means that you should write about what happened in the story. The summary of the story should be about 1 paragraph of about 5 to 7 sentences. 
E.g. In this story,.....

After you have written one paragraph on the summary, write about what you have learnt from this story. This should also be about 1 paragraph of about 5 to 7 sentences.
E.g. Based on what happened, I learned that....
After you have written one paragraph of what you have learnt, you should write about how you can apply what you have learnt from the story to your own life (your studies, CCA, family or friends). This should also be about 1 paragraph of about 5 to 7 sentences.
E.g. I can apply what I have learned from this story to my own life.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

My Holiday Journal | Isaac Koh Week 4

Help! I haven't completed any of my homework, neither have my classmates. The pressure of completing the homework is excruciating. The mountain of homework terrorised me. We all were rushing through the homework. Good luck class with the homework.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

My Holiday Journal | Isaac Koh Week 3

This week, on Sunday, was the day my neighbour left Singapore for Spain, his hometown. His name is Leonardo. I definitely miss those days where i played soccer with him. He was good for a 9 year old, definitely the best soccer player I know of below 10 years of age. He was a Real Madrid fan. We ate our last meal together at Changi Airport before waving goodbye for the last time. You will be missed.

My Holiday Journal | Isaac Koh Week 2

This week, I went on holiday to Ho Chi Min City with my family. Ho Chi Min City was a great place. The part I enjoyed most was going to the night market and bargaining. I even managed to bargain for an item at 80% off! I think a contributing factor to that night's success was also the weather. The rainy weather caused a lower number of customers which increased the desperation of the shop owners to make enough to feed themselves. This trip widened my view of the world. I realised that Singaporeans are very lucky as Singapore is very good country as our government takes good care of us. This trip was definitely the most memorable vacation.

Sunday, 2 July 2017


This two weeks was the bad part about the holidays. After the trips,I had to rush my homework.It was tough as I had a lot of family dinners and lunch. I obviously wasted a lot of time on clash of clans. Apart from that, I also spent some time meeting up with my friends;keith and Ian. It was definitely one of the better ways to spend my holiday. During the June holidays, it was also Father's Day. Me and my mother bought a belt for my father and left it on his bed on the day before, he was so surprised but was kind of sad that it was not something me and my sister made. Of course I am not empty handed, we purposely gave him the belt to make him think that,that is all we had gotten for him. Just a week before fathers day, I made a box for my father, it was not an ordinary box. The cover of the box is a tennis court and precise structures. I made that for him as I knew he love tennis. Apart from that, I also made a pop out card and a complicated card that has 8 sides. I was also able to do the 8 sided card all thanks to the Vietnam GCP students, they taught me about the sides and forms. I used what I had learned and gave everything I made to my father on the day itself. The time was at around 11:30 when I gave the presents to him. I wanted to make him think that I really did not do anything. As usual he loved it and brought it to his office the next day. Then it was the last few days of the holiday, like most of my other friends, everyone was rushing geography. Although it was tough, it was also a fun experience as everyone were still spamming on WhatsApp at 3:00 am. All in all, this holiday was fulfilling and I had a whale of a time.

Thursday, 29 June 2017


I was flying off on an 11 hour trip to Germany. I was so excited.It was the first time I was going there.
On the plane, I was amazed by the variety of movies and tv shows that they had. I watched them the entire way there. Soon, I was in Germany, even though it was summer it was still 14 degrees.The air outside was like in an air-conditioned room. When we got settled there, we booked a tour to one of the castles outside Munich. The castle was built upon a hill and it was marvellous.I waa astonished at the deign of the building.  Fun Fact, the king's castle was never built for a defensive building. The interior of the castle has modern facilities with great work of art. Most of the art was imagined from his dream or from the multiple plays he saw. The throne room was one of its kind, it had everything it needed to be a throne room but the only thing that was not there was the THRONE. The king's name was Ludwig ||. He was gay and was never married. The King's  mother was invited for dinner one day and was astonished by the art. She tried to support the building by selling some of her jewellery but Ludwig || refused.Unfortunately, they didn't allow us to take pictures inside the castle so I don't have pictures to show you.There is one more interesting thing that I need to tell.There is this playground that uses wood shavings instead if polymer.It does not have much thought and everything is made out of wood except the metal slide and the swing set.If I shared everything on my trip , I would need more space

My Holiday Journal | Isaac Koh Week 1

It was the first week of the holidays. The air smelt like freedom. It was Saturday.  My neighbours could be seen outside the window enjoying their first week of the holidays and for the adults, the beginning of the weekends.  I sat on my bed playing mobile games when my eyes lay upon the Bible that sat on my table. That was when it struck me like a 25-pound sledgehammer. I had to go for generation go with my church! I had totally forgotten. I was just happily enjoying my holidays. I immediately looked at the clock that hung on my light blue wall. I could not believe my eyes. The event starts in 15 minutes? The slow and calm scene in my room suddenly turned into a scramble to get out of the house. Thankfully I made it only 5 minutes late. That morning, we followed our kind and respectable leader Jabez to Bedok reservoir to go and share the good news and invite them for the Wind and Fire night rally by evangelist Daniel Kolenda held at Expo. At Bedok reservoir I saw my leader pray for many people and I gained valuable experience just by seeing him. That afternoon my two friends from Church: Dylan and Dexter and I were aimlessly wandering around when we stumbled upon two Church mates from secondary 3. They said that they would be going gaming with our MAD Camp Commander and invited us to tag along. So that afternoon, we went gaming 4 hours straight with free flow of drinks. That afternoon I realised I had gained a bit of weight. That night, the EXPO hall 2 was packed full with people. Thankfully we had come early to get good seats. I really enjoyed the day.

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My Holiday Journal 4 | Keith 26 June

Today, I rushed my geography iBook AA because the next day was the due date. I rushed and completed more than 20 pages of work, which is a lot. I had to stay up to 12.00a.m just to finish my work. I was relieved I completed my work and I started preparing for the start of school.

AnswerGarden: What do I want to know about expository texts?...

AnswerGarden: What do I want to know about expository texts?...: AnswerGarden: What do I want to know about expository texts?...

June Holidays 2

It was the second week of the holidays. I went to Jcube Macdonald's to meet up with Hsien Yang. When I was eating, I saw Hsien Yang and called him. He came and ate with me. We called Benjamin and we told hime we were at Jcube Macdonald's. We asked him to come here but he told us that he was at the Jurong East Library waiting for us. In the whatsapp chat, we told him to meet us at jcube Macdonald's. When we called him, he was losted and did not know where he was. Ww went to the Jurong East Library and saw him there. We were so angry that we wanted to punch him in the face. We went to the Café in Jurong East Library to do our IRS project as it was due on the first week of school. Me and Hsien Yang did all the work while Benjamin only did one paragraph and played Minecraft on his LD the whole time. We asked him to stop and he continued until we have to peep at his LD.

June Holidays 1- Ian

It was the first week of the holidays, we had a lot of homework and I did most of the homework in a few days.The most horrible homework was doing the Geography iBook and I take eight to ten hours a day just to finish the iBook. I would always sleep around twelve midnight. I would feel very sick when I finished the iBook as I was so stressed. I went to sleep immediately. I continued for two weeks. It was a horrible journey but we had to endure

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

June holidays 4 - Jian Lun

  It was the last week of the June holidays already. I was expecting it to be longer, just like other people. Even though it was the last week, it did not mean the end of holidays for my friends and I. I will share with you what happened.

  On Thursday, Ian, Keith, Troy and I met up at Jurong East MRT station. I will let you have the chance to guess why we did that. I will reveal it later. After we met up in the MRT station, we went to the nearby mall, JEM, to eat lunch together. As usual, when we eat, we still game, except for Troy who already ate, so he did his homework instead. What a hardworking boy there.

  As I mentioned earlier, we met up for a reason. We met up because we were about to watch the newly released movie, Transformers Five: The Last Knight. Keith and Ian had already bought four of our tickets earlier, so Troy and I just need to pay them. After we finished lunch, we went into the cinema and bought popcorns and water. We also went for the toilet because the movie would be interesting for us and we would not want to even miss a single second of it. After we were all ready, we got into the our cinema hall without further delays. During the movie, we had a lot of fun predicting what would happen next and how savage the actors were. The movie was definitely great to watch.

  After the movie ended, we went to Mcdonalds for our dinner. In there, we discussed more about the movie and predicted if the next episode would come out and how would the story be. We dispersed right after our dinner. I really felt the last week fun and meaningful. So that pretty much concludes my June holiday!

June holidays 3 - Jian Lun

  The first two weeks of my holiday had been great enough already. Well, let me share with you the third even interesting week.

  On that week, I realised I had much homework undone and I did not know how to do many of them. So to catch up on my homework, I invited Keith and Nathaniel to meet up and do homework together somewhere. Actually, precisely, Keith was the one that suggested that first, but it never happened till I realised I was so back from the others for homework.

  On Wednesday, we met up in Jurong East MRT station. After that, we went to the national library behind Jcube to do homework. We only did for a while before we decided to eat lunch. During lunchtime, the three of us were more interested in gaming than eating. When we went back to the library, we met Ian, Hsien Yang and Krin there in the cafe doing their IRS project. So we decided to do homework together instead. I was pretty sure that week was not a wasteful week at all.

June Holidays 2 - Jian Lun

  It was finally the second week of the long June holidays. On Monday morning, I woke up to expect myself on my home sweet home bed, but to my surprise I was still in my grandparents' house. I then remembered that my parents and I were going back home that day, sadly.

  The most special day in the year is on Saturday. Yes, it was my birthday. On my birthday, I woke up and saw so many messages on my social media platforms wishing me happy birthday. I was touched by that and I thanked all of them.

  At night, my parents brought me to a buffet dinner to celebrate my birthday. At the moment we stepped in the restaurant, there is a happy birthday song on the radio for someone who also had the same birthday as me in that restaurant. There was a whole new selection of dishes compared to the previous times I went there, so I was delighted about it too. My parents and I ate all we could to not waste the money spent. We also control the amount of food we took because we did not want to have food wastage, plus, food wastage costs five dollars per hundred gram of food wasted in that restaurant. That week was definitely the best birthday week I would have so far.

June Holidays 1 - Jian Lun

  It was the start of the long holiday. My parents had decided to visit my grandparents house for 5 days for the first week. Of course, I was very happy of that till I even forgot about homework, totally. On the day we took off, we reached Johore Bahru at 8am. Our initial plan was to take off towards Kuala Lumpur, where my grandparents' house are, at 12pm. Instead, we took eight amazing hours just to shop there and pay some tax bills, so we only left at 4pm. Usually, whenever we go our grandparents' house in a car, it would always rain. Miraculously, on that particular period while we were on the expressway, it did not rain at all.

  On the second day at our grandparents' house, we celebrated together with my aunt and uncle my father's birthday. Even though there was no cake, it was a great celebration because we bought a few bottles of red wine and used them to celebrate instead of a plain regular birthday cake. I found the first week of my June holidays pretty meaningful.

June holidays week 4

After the retreat,I was not really sad because I am going to the same place the 5th time and had loved a lot,Legoland!!!There were so many fun rides, example,Project X,the new Ninjago 4D ride, The Dragon, and the Dragon's apprentice.I loved Project X the most its a roller coaster same for the two dragon rides, but this time Project X moves up to about two and a half stories high and swoops all the down!Not to mention,I am an adrenaline junky.The food there was delicious!We also ate at Kai's Sushi Bar, they serve freshly made sushi and ramen!After the trip, we had the final thing to do the secret my mother had kept at week 2.Happy Father's Day!!!Even though it was quite late back we all enjoyed it.This whole holiday was a pack full of fun!

June holidays week 3

Okay, I know I kind of messed the titles of my post I will stick to June holidays week three then.Anyways,being a christian is fun and awesome, why?The annually exciting church retreat is here!!!Most of the church members will go to Malaysia and learn more about God's word and also relax from studies and have fun!This year the hotel we went is called Le Grandeur.My friends,Isaac,Qi Le,Yi Jun,Yi Jie,Yi Shen,Yi Ze are all going!We had so much fun and its the first ever retreat that I bunk in with Qi Le and Isaac for the whole trip.Not to mention, all of the Yi's are brothers and Yi Jie and Yi Jun are twins!We also had a soccer tournament in the retreat well of course we as under fifteens,(Yi Shen is fifteen)were quite outnumbered by the adults, there was even an all fathers' team it has my father too!At the end of this retreat I also found two things the pastor said meaningful, we have to control our anger,and this phrase meant to me a lot, I know some of you might not understand, I will explain."We live to be forgotten" at first I heard it I was questioning myself, then I realised that we should not earn ourselves all the glory but give all glory to God.I am not saying that we can't be famous, but we have to be humble.This week is so meaningful!

June holidays Week 2

So, after all that fun of sleepover its time we see our mother!I miss her so much!My mother told me of all the cool wonders she had in Scotland!Wow!They had this chef called Jamie who cooked many interesting dishes, example,brownie with popping candy inside and CHEESE!I love cheese a lot my mother said there was sweet cheese that sounds interesting and blue cheese and so many other cheeses I did not even know and forgotten their names.Not only that my mother has a surprise...

Holiday Journal Week 1 Nathaniel

In this first week my mother flew to Scotland for eight days.My father, my brother and I had to take care of the house.In the first day my brother and I had plans already, we are going to have two sleepovers  at my best friend's house Isaac,not from our class, for two days and at Yi Jie's house for three days!The sleepover was fun and enjoyable as we managed to play soccer, study,and play gadgets.After that, we hang around our grandmother's house for the other three days studying.Then off to Yi Jie's house!Well,in their house is a anti-study sleepover.We played badminton, basketball,and Xbox.This week was so fun!!!


During the first week of the June holidays, the most interesting thing that I did was going to the one room flats to give them food and invite them for the East Asia Congress fire and wind healing rallies. Let me tell you what happened that day. During the briefing, I was so excited to go to help the people who live in the one room flat and share the gospel with them. My entire cell group was preparing for this activity for the past three days. We first had to go to the local supermarket to buy our supplies. Well, let me tell you that a full cart of biscuits is extremely heavy.We had bought an entire trolly of Maggi mee, sardines, biscuits and a few other food items.The amount of plastic bags that we ended up using was atrocious. The remaining amount of plastic bags stacked up to about 10 cm which is a lot.  The first house that we went was quite roomy. The house owner was living with his friend and although it was small, it was actually quite cosy.  We also learnt that he had gone to church once.  It was a memorable experience and we took a picture with him. There were two other interesting ones that I would tell. There was an old man whom we visited who was living with his mother in a one-room flat. His sister was downstairs living in her own one-room flat. The place was very crowded because of all the clutter. I think that you will never see anyone as old as his mother anywhere on the streets in Singapore. Well, let me tell you how old is she. She is 97 years old. Unfortunately, she is bedridden, so the person that is capable of taking care of her is her son. Luckily her son is a believer of Christ and can share the gospel with her and lead her in the sinner's prayer. I hope that she would believe in Christ and avoid eternal death. The other person that I will mention is an Indian guy who is a freethinker.I have one thing to say to him, his flat is amazing.  The wall paintings were so nicely done and it had very intricate details. There was even a snake model carved and painted so well, I thought it was one at my first glance.He was an amazing guy and a great guy to be with.  It was a good experience for me and I enjoyed every single moment of it.
Anyone want to join me for service at Suntec Nicol Hall at 3.00 p.m it will be fun.My group will be planning activities for you if you come 😁  but tell me first so I can plan ahead of time.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

June holiday week 4

During the last week of the June holidays, i was furiously doing my homework. Staying in front of the computer from 10 in the morning till 11 at night. Furiously typing in my ibook for geography. Sometimes doing my written homework such as math's pisma homework... All in all, that week was very chaotic with me juggling various different homework in a short amount of time which may or may not have deteriorated the quality of homework. But that is price i have to pay for procrastinating and i accept that but regret it at the same itme

June holiday week 3

During Week 3, i was travelling to bangkok. For a total of 6 days, this should be the longest holiday this year. It was tiring more than fun. The reason? my grandparents! They followed us to bangkok and that made the trip more tiring than it would ever be with just me and my mum. Firstly, wherever they went. They had to get a taxi, this meant that me and my mum had to always go out and find a taxi everywhere we go. The only relaxing day that i got was when me and my mum went on a tour and my grandparents stayed at home. This was tiring but i found it fulfilling that my grandparents had fun.

holiday journal 3

My favorite part of the Genting trip was that day where we took a bus down to KL. We went to Berjaya Time Square for this indoor amusement park where I conquered my fear of roller coaster by taking the supersonic odyssey. It was a roller coaster with a 360° loop and it felt like nothing. I went on the roller coaster a lot of times seating in every seat once starting from the front to the very back. After the park, we took the MRT in KL the first line that we took was a monorail it had only 2 carriages but a lot of people. On the second line, we took a more modern train like the ones in Singapore. It was a really fun day but we had to go back to Singapore the very next day.

My Holiday Journal 3 | Keith 22nd June

I went to Jurong East MRT station at 11 o'clock and met Ian at the same place on 12 o'clock. We then waited for Jian Lun and Troy to arrive. I did some of my Geography iBook on my LD while waiting. After we had met, we proceeded to have lunch at a food court on the top floor of West Gate. We then went to watch Transformers: The Last Knight. It was a very interesting movie. There were many funny scenes in the movie. After that, we went to Macdonald's to eat and dinner and return home.

June holiday week 2

During Week 2,  I was still sleeping late while still procrastinating about my homework. Staying up playing games was fun. There was even a day where i slept at 5am!!! But... The next day, my mum scolded me and put a curfew on me of 11pm. I was downcast, thinking what did i do to deserve this? What can i do before 11pm that will be fun. So, i was just stuck at home doing nothing. Not thinking about homework or anything of the sort. Now that I look back on that work. I Really was not diligent, and should have been doing my homework as that cost me a lot afterwards.

Holiday Journal 4 - Zara

18th June-26th June

On 23 of June, I participated in the B-Dazzled solo auditions. As it was coming to my turn, I was shaking, I had friends who were going in and supporting me as well. I never would want to let them down. They finally called for me and I was not ready nor will I ever be fully ready for me but it's never bad to try. As I held the mic, my hand started to shake and I became really nervous knowing that my friends and family were watching me, supporting me.

As the music started my nerves started to cool down. I started singing and the music just flew right through me. As I finished, I looked at the judges faces to see any hint of whether they liked it. I left the room feeling unsure and worried.

The next day was my group auditions came and it was the first time we were meeting up to practice together and honestly we did good for the auditions and I feel proud of them.

On 26th June, I was staying up to do my Geography iBook when I saw Celine, the show choir chairperson, messaging the group chat. I continued doing my Geography iBook and was then puzzled when I saw someone say "Congratulations Zara" in the group chat. I was speechless when I saw what Celine had sent. It was the picture of who would make it for the B-Dazzled finals. My name was in the solos list. I was freaking out at 1 am because I got into the finals and that was the highlight of my week :)

holiday journal week 1

During June holiday week 1, I was very lazy.  I was not being diligent and was procrastinating on my homework. Instead of doing my homework, I was playing games all day long. Barely doing anything except for playing. This continued on till about 3am. Where i was overcome by fatigue and started to sleep. Nothing really interesting happened on that week. There was barely anything going on at home. Except for a slight argument between my mum and my uncles. Oh, another interesting thing that happened was the SST open house where my CCA was hosting a drone show as well as a flying simulator exhibition.

My holiday Journal 4- Glenda

It was the last week of the holidays- I had visited the pasar malam next to the MRT station on the bus interchange with my Cousin, Lady. Pasar malam is a night market, except for the fact that it also operate during the day. This was one of the longest pasar malam I had ever seen. It always open in June, for about a month, with carnival rides and games.  I had played many games over there, but my favourite was the ballon game. Unfortunately, it soon rain, forcing me and my cousin back into the MRT station. although my fun at the pasar malam was short-lived, but it did not stop there. We soon decided to go to Waterway Point for lunch, and at the same time buy the newly renovated store liho, formerly known as Gong cha.

I had order a caramel milk tea, the sugar level at 50%. My cousin decided to order a normal milk tea with the sugar level at 25%. Unfortunately for my cousin, her milk tea had too much milk, and too little sugar, making it not sweet at all. In the end, she decided to just buy from Koi instead.

Holiday Journal 2 -Zara

3 June- 9 June

I stayed at home relaxing and fasting on 3 and 4 June and spent time with my family.

On 5th June, I met up with my primary school friend who was asking for donations for a charity that her school was supporting. I didn't feel very good on that day so I asked my friend, Aisyah if she wanted to go to SCAPE to dance as I wanted to clear my head on that day. I brought my guitar and we went to SCAPE. At SCAPE, Aisyah was trying to do a dance move while I was just playing my guitar and writing songs.

From 6th June till 8th June, I focused more on my homework.

On 8th June I left for KL to visit my relatives. It's always a thrill to look back at childhood memories as I went to my grandparent's house. Looking at the narrow and bumpy roads heading towards an old grey gate/ The gate I would recognised anywhere. The gate to my grandparent's house. I missed it a lot, remembering all the times whenI tried to get out and when we played sparklers in the garden.

Holiday Journal 1 - Zara

27 May - 2 June

Open house fell on the 27 May and I was a part of it. I got to perform a mash up that me and my friend, Aisyah, made together. We performed twice on that day and I was really proud of myself as I actually participated in an event. I knew that I really had a passion for music since young but ever since joining Secondary School, my passion to pursue it has increased. I watched all the other acts as well and they were awesome.

On 29 May, I met up with most of my IRS group mates, Isaac and Caleb. We all met up at Bishan and stayed at the library until we wanted to go to the orchard library. We then proceeded to go to the Orchard Library and passed by Toa Payoh. I remembered that my friend, Aisyah lived in Toa Payoh and asked her if she wanted to join us. At the end of the day, we somehow ended up at SCAPE, dancing.

On 31 May, B-Dazzled Show Choir practice started starting with vocals (choir). I feel good when I'm with the choir cause I feel it's where I belong as I feel singing is the only thing I'm good at. Ms Ng then asked if anyone would like to join the B-Dazzled solos and group categories and I signed up for both of them. The auditions would be on 23 and 24 of June.

Right after vocals we had dance, as I was fasting that day, I was excused from the pt (physical training) as it would tire me out and I would not be able to do the choreography.

On 1 and 2 June it was dance again and it went as normal as it could be with show choir :)

(19 June to 25 June) My Holiday Journal 4 - Krin Yew

During the last week of my holidays, I went for iFly Drone classes. It was only a two-day class, but I gained lots of knowledge from there. I learnt how to race with a drone, how the drone flies, how to do stunts while flying the drone, how to hover a drone in the air and the uses of drones. During the second day of class, my teacher told me that shows filmed by Jack Neo, National Geographic and some other famous directors were filmed using drones that had cameras on it. After the two days of drone classes, I was given a free E-010 drone. It is a small drone but very durable. The class also drew my attention closer to drones. When I was walking by Bugis Street, I found a drone shop. However, they were not just selling drones. They sold remote toy cars and toy helicopters. I bought one helicopter and one drone. I slowly got used to the remote of the drone. Now I can control the drone without even looking at the remote, just staring at where the drone is. Now I have to go back to school and do all my homework. My skills for the drones are slowly fading away. I probably would not be able to hover the drone, but i can still fly it.

My holiday journal 4


Today was the happiest day of my life in the June holidays. The day started like any other ordinary day except that I woke up from a hotel! I was in Penang, Malaysia. That day was awesome because it is the first time of overcome my fear of heights! My family and I went to Komtar, The Top - the 68-floor building with a glass bridge at the end of the building. The scenery was beautiful there as I could see the whole of Penang there. At about 12 noon, we checked out of Kimberly Hotel and went for Hard Rock Hotel. Just as we reached the hotel, my brother requested to swim in our own pool. My parents agreed and told him to return to the room before 7 o' clock so that we could spend the last few hours of the day at the cinema to watch The Mummy. When the movie ended, it was already 11 o' clock. We took the second last shuttle bus back to our hotel. It was a tiring yet enjoyable day!

Holiday journal 4 - RouFu

This week, I spent most of the time trying to complete my geography iBook. Since my parents are still at HongKong, my siblings and I went out to watch Despicable me 3, my brother also invited his friend. When we were outside waiting for our show to start, my sister bought popcorn. She made a mistake by buying the large popcorn and that was the biggest bucket of popcorn I have ever seen in my life and she even managed to finish it which was shocking to me and my brother. My brother has planned out the whole day for us, so, after we finished the movie, we started finding the place where my brother has booked a reservation. After walking with a few lost turns, we found the place and the food was delicious. On the way home, we bought Koi and after reaching home we ended the day with a few board games.
So I spent the last week of holidays rushing through my geography iBook even though it was due yesterday at 8am. School was going to start and I was not prepared for the new term. However, I was excited to meet my classmates and teachers

Holiday journal 4-Aidan

My final post, on the final week of the holiday, I managed to finsh all my homework given to me by all the teachers. I know that most of my classmates are currently rushing their homework at the last week (other than Ian and aliah) to make sure I did not tire myself out at the last week, I planned at the start of the holidays when am I going to do each subject. Due to that, I did not have to rush all my work. (Im finally done!)

Holiday journal 3-Aidan

My third post... I am almost done with this, On the 25 of June, My family and I went to a water park in Sentosa, Sadly... I forgot the name of the event. Admission was free,when we reached the water park at 10am, we played until 11.30am when a storm came around, it was really cold and uncomfortable, but that did not dampen my spirit, i went to dig holes in the sand to allow water to be collected, The rain stopped at 12.30pm, and I continued playing until 5.00pm, Which is when me and my family go home.

Monday, 26 June 2017

(12 June to 18 June ) My Holiday Journal3- Krin Yew

The most exciting event that I attended for that week was my National Day rehearsal at the Marina Float. I say that that it is the most exciting event as the rest of the week I did nothing but staying at home to complete my tuition and school homework. It is my first time standing on the stage to perform not only just with my partners acting in the same act as me but also with all the othe oerformes of different race

Holiday Journal 4 (19 June - 25 June) by Isaac Lim

This week was the last week of the June holidays. It was a good and enjoyable holiday. During the holidays, I could stay in bed longer which I had not done so in a long time. This week, however, my father left for Brunei, and it would be four months before I meet him again. I enjoyed spending time with my father when he was in Singapore. This week, I also started on my homework and learnt a lesson which is not to leave my homework to be done on the last week of the holiday. However, I managed to finish on time and felt relieved.

My holiday journal 3-Glenda

It was the last week of the holidays and school was reopening next week on Tuesday. Even though I had enjoyed the holidays very much, I could not wait to see my classmates and friends again. Last Sunday was father's day, yet I could not spend time with my father, who had a business trip. I had managed to finish my geography ibook, which I was worried that I could not finish. The holidays were actually the same every day, nothing interesting really happened.

My holiday journal 2-Glenda

For the third week of the holidays, I had to go for a sewing course my mother wanted me to attend, claiming that I had been spending too much time staying at home, instead of going for some workshops. She thought it would be a good idea for me to learn some domestic skills, like cooking. The sewing course was actually much more fun than I had expected. Even though I was confused by a lot of things the instructor was saying, I found the workshop enjoyable.

holiday journal 2 Tan Ye kai

The second week of holidays and I have not started on my homework still relaxing at home and building lego until it was time for a trip abroad Singapore. It was to Genting Highland. One day before the trip I went over to the grand my house to spent a day with her after waking up we went to the park for her daily exercise before going for a talk about how to test for cancer. It was nice to see how my grandmother 76 is still very active. She cooked a scrumptious meal for me. After lunch,  I helped her to pack her bag for tomorrow's trip as she was following my family and my cousins. After we finish packing, i took a bus home to pack my own bag before going to sleep as we had to wake up at 4 the next day.
The next day my family, my cousins and my grandmother followed along with my grandmother's sister and my grandmother's brother's wife.
It was a long journey to Genting and we were all sleeping on the bus.  after 8hours of traveling, we finally reach Genting Highland.
Upon checking into the hotel, the floor was sticky, there were cigarette ash all over the tables and the safe did not work. We unloaded our stuff without caring much about how bad the hotel is. We then gathered at the lobby before going to marry Brown to have a tea break. After that meal the adults when to shop while the kids when to the arcade to play.
It was night time and we went back to the hotel room for a bath before heading to our cousins room for supper while the parents are in the casino.

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Holiday journal 4
This week i stayed at home at did homework.It was very tiring Last night i slept only at 3a.m. I think that there should be regulations on how much Homework should be given. during the june holidays there is no holidays it should be just june. i feel that i am doing more work than the amount of work in school. everyday in the holidays i did homework even at Ipoh i had to read the books.  i am doing so much homework. i feel like i am improving i feel like thoses chicken raised in farms they have to be big fat and juicy in a short time. I now realise the use of the drink coffee. In primary school homework can be done in one week but now at least 3 weeks.
Holiday journal 3
last week my faminly went to ipoh. Ipoh is city in malaysia. I had finally have a rest from all theses irritating homework. At Ipoh we kept eating. And i gained 1.5 kg there. THe char kway teow there is very nice. When we arrived at our hotel which is actually a condo that is converted into a resort. At the gantry we were surprise by the security guard who told us all about this resort and tell us that the food here is MSG free. Our room is facing the lake surrounded with lime stone. I think the highlight of the trip was lost world amusement park. I did not like that the pools there have dead flies and sweet wrappers inside. But the petting zoo there was fun there was cute rabbits and guinea Pig and there was a longkang fishing area as well. And at lost world i managed to kayak and alsok i went swan boating which is this boat that repicates a swan and you pedal aroung

Holiday journal 4 Troy

It is the last week of the June holidays. My kindergarten friend invited me and my family over. The reason why we still keep in touch is because our mothers exchanges numbers a long time ago and they would invite us to their hose once every half a year. I find it weird that I visited my kindergarten friend and not my primary school friends. This is because the day of the gathering is the same day as the INCamp and it as impossible to change the date of the gathering and I was frustrated when I heard the news. At the end, I chose the INCamp.

When I was at my friends house, we did many thing like swimming, playing at the playground and hide and seek. One of the memorable things that happened was the trick shot that we did. Thee swimming pool was build in a way that is was below a bridge. My friend had a inflatable basket ball hoop and a ball. We decided to throw the ball from the bridge and and make it go through the hoop. In the end, my friend and their siblings nominated my sister and I to do the trick shot. My sister would throw the ball and I will move the hoop to catch the ball. Within three tries, my talented sister manage to throw the ball into the hoop when I did not have to do anything.

It was an exciting day and I tried something I had never tried before. Although the trick shot was a little silly, I enjoyed it.

Saturday, 24 June 2017

My holiday journal 3


I spent this day to clean up my room and to pack my bag as I was going on a holiday for the whole of next week. When I was cleaning my room, I have found many interesting things that I did in the past as I had not cleaned my room for a very long time(for I think about a year???) I have found one of the different games that I played with my friends in school after PSLE. It was called UNO [(if I was not wrong) as I have not played it for a long time]. Cleaning up my room was a great flashback to what my friends and I did in primary school.

My holiday journal 2

The second week was boring as I have to try to complete my homework given by my subject teachers.I finished every piece of homework day by day except for one piece of homework.That was my geography homework which was creating an iBook. Completing the iBook was not easy! We need to take various information from our Geography textbook and the internet.As it was an IH iBook, I also took some information from our sec 1 history textbook but most was from the geography textbook. I encountered many problems like controlling the iBook and not knowing that we need to leave the (brown,2014) at the back of our text if we took it from our textbook.

Friday, 23 June 2017

Journal by Hsien Yang

Journal (1st week)

I woke up early in the morning, extremely tired, I have to go to my grandparents' house at Malaysia.
I have not enough sleep so I slept in the vehicle. When my family reached there, there was nothing I could do as I did not bring my homework. All I do in Malaysia was to eat and sleep. This cycle just keep going on and on until the day we went back home.  When I was at home, It was late at night so I decided to eat supper. I ate prawn noodles. After that, I happily went to sleep. The next morning, I was still sleepy. So, I slept again for another two hours. The two hours were great. After that, I carried on with my revision.

Journal (2nd week)

As I woke up in the morning, I realised it is time to start my revision as my grades are poor. I had almost treated my holiday life as my school life. I worked for about 5 hours everyday and surprisingly, it was not tiring. However, the papers i had been working for for the past week was not homework. It was assessment paper! Because of that, I did not do my homework but determined to finished the homework by next week. The only part where I went out very far is going to Jurong Library on 8 June. I went there with the project team to finish our project. Only three out of four people were there so we did not finish. We arranged on another date to finish our project.

Journal (3rd week)

I had started doing my homework especially for Geography. Many classmates had complained that the Geography is too difficult,  too much, too complicated etc.. Interestingly, I was , indeed, one of them. Aside from homework, I did less assessments. When I looked into my phone, I saw most of my friends having fun with friends and I was just at home being 'locked up'. I felt like I was at jail. I have been bored for the past few days. The only part where I went out very far is going to Jurong Library on 15 June. I went there with the project team to finish our project. Only three out of four people were there again but we managed to finish it.

Journal (4th week)

The last week had arrived. I have mixed feeling, I am happy and also sad at the same time. The worst part is that I still have not finish my Geography AA. My parents and I were so busy that we even forgot to celebrate Father's Day. Guess what I had been doing during Father's Day... I was doing homework, both my father and mother was working. My father came home so late that I do not have the time to tell him 'Happy Father's Day".  And day by day, I have yet to finish my homework.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

My Holiday Journal 5 😊 -aliah

22 June 2017

When holidays closes up, everyone will most probably feel their heart pumping as fast as sprinting in a marathon. Rushing to finish their pile of work, all I could do was to encourage them not to give up. My holiday was a total opposite from most of my classmates. When I was intensively focussing on my work during the first 2 weeks, the class will be on their journey to their wonderlands, and my phone will be beeping almost every second. But as the holiday closes up, my phone starts to silent up. It is kind of weird that nobody wanted to put in effort when the time was luxurious, and start embarking their way to trouble when the time was tight. Placing hopes was the last choice to survive I think? I really can't get the concept. 

Anyways, now the class committee is planning the seating arrangement of the class, and I am really hoping to seat at my original seat, where my seat is closer to the teacher. Nowadays, I can't hear when people are talking to me. Instead, they have to shout at the top of their lungs. But all I know, they can be trusted when arranging the class seats. 

All in all, I am ready for a new start and I am excited to be back in school. Life at home is indeed very boring, even when preparing for Hari Raya. 😫

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Holiday Journal 3 - Roufu

This week, I spent most of the time on assessment book my mother had bought and Chinese homework. As Father's day was coming, our mother told us to surprise our father by buying a cake for him. The cake we bought was quite delicious. We also had to celebrate Father's day one day earlier as my parents are going on a holiday with our aunt and uncle on a vacation to Hong Kong. It was our first year not celebrating Father's day on the actual day and can only wish our father through messages. 

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Jing Hui's holiday journal 3

Monday, i had to go to the clinic as i had some rashes on my hand and legs. The doctor told me it was just a heat rash and i had to apply some cream. I could not play basketball with my cousin.

On Thursday, my family and I went to Port Dickson, a place in Malaysia. We woke up at 7 in the morning and drove there. We reached our hotel at around 2pm. The hotel was really unique as there is a swimming pool in each hotel room. If you look at all the hotel from a bird's eye view, all of them will look like a flower. The hotel was by the sea so we had seafood for dinner.

The next day, we had our breakfast at the hotel. After that we left the hotel and went to Malacca. We went to Jonker Street which was a night market at Malacca. The food at the night market were very delicious. However, there were many people and it was very hot, I had made a mistake wearing a long sleeved shirt.

On Saturday, we had to leave Malacca. I was quite reluctant to leave as it was enjoyable there.

Today, we went to my cousin's house to celebrate her birthday and fathers' day. There were many people gathered there for the party. My cousins and I were very close and we spent our childhood together at our grandmother's house everyday. 

The third week is indeed the most enjoyable week out of all my holidays

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Holiday Journal - Keith 15 June

Today, I met Jian Lun and Nathaniel at Jurong East MRT station. I was 15 minutes earlier than the planned schedule, Jian Lun came late by 10 minutes and Nathaniel came late by 30 minutes. Although they were late, we proceeded to the library behind Jcube Mall. We completed some homework in the library together. later on, we had our lunch at Jcube Mall and went to the library to complete more homework.

Friday, 16 June 2017

holiday journal 2 - Aidan

My second post for this holiday... At this day in time (17 June), I just came back from a holiday in penang,i was in that place from 13 June to 16 June. I was there with my family for 4 days. On the first day, We just went to the airport and took a 1 hour flight to penang, we soon reached our hotel,nothing very intresting. on the second day,we went to the escape theme park over there for the whole day. On the third day,we went to check out a tempale. on the last day, we just took the plane back to singapore.

Holiday Journal 3 (12 June - 18 June) by Isaac Lim

The highlight of the week was spending time with my father who came back to Singapore after spending about five months working in Brunei. We went to KidZania Singapore to spend our first day together. Although KidZania targets young children, there is no harm trying it out and spending my time with my family. Despite the long queues and exorbitantly expensive ticket pricing, we were still glad that took time off to do some things together. After that, we went to Vivo City to watch Despicable Me 3. The movie was good, and so was KidZania. At the end of the day, we were exhausted and wanted to sleep badly.

Holiday Journal 2 (5 June - 11 June) by Isaac Lim

The highlight of my week was meeting up with a group of my primary school friends for a movie. The movie was called Napping Princess or Hirune Hime in Japanese. We have a common interest in Japanese anime thus we became good and close friends. After the movie, we went for lunch at Burger King and talked about the unique things about our schools. Since we live near one another, we took the MRT back to our neighbourhood and played at a neighbourhood playground. We played hide-and-go-seek and other activities. At the end of the day, we bid our goodbyes, turned our backs and walked home. We enjoyed the time spent together and hope to meet up soon.

Holiday Journal by Benjamin

It was the beginning of the holidays. I was excited because it was going to be a long break. I had 2 camps, a trip to Melaka, a golf tournament, and a Cruise Trip as the highlights of my holidays.
On the first few days of the camp, I had a camp. It was located near to where I live at, so it was not that of a hassle to reach the Campsite. When we arrived, the campsite was packed with my other accomplices who chose to join the camp. It was an outdoor camp and we got to actually experience an actual feeling on how a camp is like.
Midway through the Holidays, my family and I went overseas to Melaka. We were there for three days and two nights. We went to Melaka to visit our relatives and do some shopping.
A few days later, I had another camp. Somehow, it is a coincidence that it was the same campsite, so I was more aware of where the place is and where the facilities were located at. Because I know the site well, my mates kept on asking me on where is where.
The day after we booked out of our camp, I had a golf tournament. I enjoyed the tournament because it was exciting to see all the competitors swinging their golf balls to far ends. Although I did not win any trophies, it still was a good experience.
Two days later, I have the final highlight of my holidays. My family and I went on a Cruise Trip to Penang and Langkawi. It was June the eighteenth, and at eleven o’clock, my family and I started boarding the cruise. The cruise ship eventually set sail at three o’clock in the afternoon, and I have to say, it was a breathtaking view of the shores of Singapore in my cabin.
The next day, the cruise ship arrived at the harbor. We have arrived in Penang. We went shopping around the area, and I enjoyed many local cuisines. That afternoon, we went back to our ship, which eventually set sail to Langkawi. Langkawi was actually smaller than I thought. It is smaller than Singapore, and we hung around at the beach before boarding back into our cruise ship, which was heading back for Singapore.
That was pretty much what I have done for my June Holidays.

My Holiday Journal 4 - aliah 😋

16 June 2017

Last Saturday I went to Hari Raya bazaar at Geylang Serai. My father decided to Grab a car instead because he was too lazy to wait for a car park at Geylang as it was always full. As I hopped into the backseat of the car, I realised that the driver looked very familiar, he looked like one of the SST teachers. I slide the seat belt across my chest and buckled it up and ready to take a short nap, but something interrupted me. It was the driver. As he starts the car, he nearly bumped into a lorry driving past us, luckily, he stopped in time before we collide. Phew... But as he started embarking on his duties to drive us to Geylang, he speeded all the way through, nearly hit another lorry, beat the red light twice and got shot by the speed camera twice. Terrible driving!

As we reached our destination, my sister blurted out a comment that shouldn't have been said. "What an EPIC ride, I nearly died!" My mum made my sister's face bright red. As my sister was being slapped, I took one more glimpse of the driver's face, but I couldn't. My glasses was fogged up, and all I can see was the driver waving at me.

The lights along the road were extracting, banners over banners of "Selamat Hari Raya", and the whole area were like flooded with many people, I hardly can breathe.
I thought we came to Geylang to shop for clothing for Hari Raya, but instead, we came there to just shop for my sister's baking ingredients. What a waste of my time! So I waited outside with my father, while my mum shopped with sister inside the bakery for thirty minutes, till they finally exit.

My eyes kept cropping up on the food stall which sold some kind of mysterious food. When you eat it, some mist will be puffing out of your mouth. The little round balls are Fruit Loops, just in a round shape.
And after eating that, I went home.

While for this week, I happy that I finally finished my Chinese AA, geography AA and IRS. But the worst thing of all is that I haven't started my revisions, and I still have I&E to do though. But when I read everyone's blog post, they had time to play and enjoy themselves! I don't even know how they managed to squeeze in time for travelling and play time, all I know I can't. All I have is at night when I can finally rest. So I did something a 13-year-old girl wouldn't do, putting on a facial mask. My mum bought them in Korea, she said I could use all 100 facial masks, but I wouldn't dare. It was like I was having a little spa of my own in front of the television, applying lotion on my arms and massaging my face with the mask on. It was really relaxing. But it can only happen these weeknights, my mum said. But my facial is still the same.... That's sad.....

I was so into my work that I realised that I haven't blogged for quite a while. I just started my blog a month ago, I feel happy about the response outcome though. Since I don't have any Facebook, Tweeter, Instagram, snap chat or whatsoever, I decided to spread my own quotes through my own blog, since my mum always wanted me to start one of my own. Quite pleasing.

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Holiday Journal 7th May - Troy

It was the beginning of the holidays. My cousin my sister and I to their house for a play date. My cousin is more of a sports person, unlike me. I have never thought of myself as a good sports person. However, when we played basketball, I did surprisingly well. I was not only able to shoot but also able to dribble the ball well.

After lunch, we decided to go swimming. I decided to challenge myself by solving the rubik's cube under water as I saw a few people on television do so. Inspired, I decided to give it a shot. The first few attempt were fruitless. I was breathless and was not able to solve it. However, with perseverance, I manage to achieve my goal of solving the rubik’s underwater a couple off times. I now understand the power of determination. 

After playing, our uncle brought us to a Japanese restaurant and later played with their dog. It was a very unproductive day but at least we had fun.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Holiday Journal 13h May - Troy

It has been two weeks into the holidays already. Most of us wish that it could last forever, I was not an exception. However I also missed school. I missed my friends, the jour new to school and much more. The thing that i was most missed was the ADMT lessons, more specifically the cardboard modelling lessons.  Hence, a few days ago I created out a sketch of what I wanted to build which was a coin sorter machine that was inspired by a youtube video I came across a few weeks ago. 

After that, I got to work and started drawing the nets out on a piece of unwanted lego box and stared cutting it out using a pen knife. Next, I started scoring the cardboard. To my astonishment, I cut the cardboard all the way through. I was disappointed with myself as I had never made that mistake before. However I soon realised this was caused because the lego cardboard box was twice a thin as the on I am used to. Reluctant, I redrew to mets and started all over again. I soon realised that the same method of doing thing must be twigged to suit the current circumstance. After two hours of cutting, scoring and gluing, Ive finally completed the coin sorting machine.

The machine can sort coins according to their denomination except of 50¢ and $1 coin because the 50¢ coin from the 2nd series and the $1 coin from the 3rd series has the same size vice versa. The machine sorts the coins by size. The coins will slide through a ramp, and if it is smaller than the hole, it will fall through hence being sorted out. There is still one minor issue with it. That is occasionally the coins might fall thought a different hole. Although I am still trying to figure out why, I am very happy of the final result.

My Holiday Journal 1

30th May 2017

       Today its my mother's birthday! I made my mother a chocolate cake for the first time. It is very easy to make a cake. You will just need some flour, milk, chocolate powder, butter, eggs, vanilla essence, etc. After mixing each and every ingredients together by hang for 5 minutes, you will need to put the cake into the oven to bake for ≈ 30 min at 230˚c / ≈446ƒ.After the cake is baked, I placed the cake into the refrigerator  to let it chill.After we came back from our special dinner that night, I took the cake out of the refrigerator to decorate it with icing. When my family ate that cake that I baked that night, they said that it was delectable.

Holiday Journal 27th May - Troy

It was the first day of the holiday but instead of staying at home to rest, I was task to help out in the SST open house. It was a one-of-a-kind experience especially since this is the first time I have helped out. My duty was to help out in the principals talk, which was held in the auditorium. I had to do things like ushering parents to their seat, handing over the microphone to parents with question etc. 

There were four session fro the principals talk and most of the time my job was to open the door the parents to come in and out of the auditorium. We could not open the door as the noise from the other events will be a form a distraction for the audience and when we close the door, it will give out a loud  ‘Bang!’ and will disturb the audience.  Our IC asked us to manually open the door for them. However, we were bored of it and want to take a shortcut of putting the door stopper near the end of the door so that it will be ajar instead of slamming shut. However, it did go we wanted to go. Not only did the set up made more noise, it also jammed the door. It was a pain to solve the complication. From this experience, I learnt that shortcuts may be be the best way to. go and it may add oil to the fire.

The SST open house was on the 27th May which happened to be the first day of fasting for the Muslim students.  Breakfast and lunch was provided and our teacher in-charge bought too much food resulting in pile and piles of left overs. I honestly feel really bad for the muslim students. Not only were so much food everywhere in the room, but the fact that their duty requires so much energy will also make them crave for food and water. While doing my duty, I tried not to bring my water bottle because I didn't want to make the feel bad. Although the muslim students are probably used to it, but even I was thirsty and i could not imagine what they must have been going through. 

Overall, the SST open house was an eye-opening experience for me. I learnt a thing or two and had enjoy myself. I hope there will be and event similar to this in the future.