Collective wisdom

Friday, 28 April 2017

1. What is the purpose of the image?
The purpose of the image is to tell the reader that the car has no top.

2. What is the message of the image?
The message is that you can get the car at a good price.

3. Who might be the intended audience?
The intended audience is those looking out for a car to buy.

4.  How does the image help to achieve the purpose?
The image shows a sparkling car that is sporty and nippy and does not have a top which tells us that it is a convertible and therefore one can get a good price for it.

5. How does the text help to achieve the purpose?
 The text shows " warning: The top half if missing.That's why you can get it at a good price" which may encourage potential customer may consider it as an option when looking for a car.

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