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Saturday, 29 April 2017

Visual Text Analysis by RouFu

1. What is the purpose of the image?
The purpose of the message is to dissuade people from smoking. 

2. What is the message of the image?
The message is that the smoke from the cigarettes causing air pollution and endanger our lives if we smoke.

3. Who might be the intended audience?
The intended audience is people who smoke or someone who know people that smoke.

4.  How does the image help to achieve the purpose?
The image shows the heavy smoke coming out from the cigarettes that look like the serious pollution from factories which tells us that the pollution from cigarette smoke can have the same endangering to our health and hence, life.

5. How does the text help to achieve the purpose?
 The text shows "STOP BURNING OUR LIFE" which tells us that we should refrain from smoking and pollute the air and affect others' health.

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