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Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Visual Text Analysis by Jian Lun

1. What is the purpose of the poster?

The purpose of the poster is to let the general public know about this scam.

2. What is the intended message of this poster?

The message is to alert the general public to not fall into this scam.

3. Who might be the intended audience?

The intended audience is the general public.

4. How does the image in the poster help to achieve the purpose?

The image shows a person saying, " I have your son, transfer the ransom and you will have him back.". This shows that scammer will use your child so that you will pay the scammer the money when your child is actually safe. It means that no one should pay the scammer any money before confirming his or her child's safety first.

5. How does the text help to achieve the purpose?

There is a text saying "Don't fall for his kidnap scam". The word "scam" is the keyword to show that it is a scam.

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