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Monday, 1 May 2017

Visual Text by Carl Voller

1. What is the purpose of the image?
The purpose of the image is to make sure that when people buy houses off online, they must verify the seller's reputation.

2. What is the message of the image?
The message is to  beware that potential home owners should exercise care before making purchases as scams are aplenty.  

3. Who might be the intended audience?
People who are looking to rent a house off an online site or seller.

4.  How does the image help to achieve the purpose?
The image shows a house with nothing behind it which tells us that it may look nice when u first rent it, but you must always check if what you rent is what you want.

5. How does the text help to achieve the purpose?
 The text shows tips of how to verify and prevent a property scam.

Animation on top by me. If you want that effect in your article, message me.

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