Collective wisdom

Monday, 1 May 2017

Visual Text

Q1. Who is the main audience of this poster?
 The audience of this question is people who do not take responsibility when they cause an accident.

Q2.Why do you think they put a young girls picture in this poster?
The girl is used to represent young children who are in the car that met an unfortunate accident.Also to tell people that in an accident not only does adults get injured so do children.

Q3.After seeing this poster, do you think it is important to be a safe driver? Explain your answer.
Yes, I think it is important to be safe when driving on roads. When we are not safe we might bang into other drivers who might have kids on board, if we hit them we might injure the kids too. These kids that did not survive the crash might be the future of our kind and losing them means losing our lives too.


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