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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Holiday Journal 4 - Zara

18th June-26th June

On 23 of June, I participated in the B-Dazzled solo auditions. As it was coming to my turn, I was shaking, I had friends who were going in and supporting me as well. I never would want to let them down. They finally called for me and I was not ready nor will I ever be fully ready for me but it's never bad to try. As I held the mic, my hand started to shake and I became really nervous knowing that my friends and family were watching me, supporting me.

As the music started my nerves started to cool down. I started singing and the music just flew right through me. As I finished, I looked at the judges faces to see any hint of whether they liked it. I left the room feeling unsure and worried.

The next day was my group auditions came and it was the first time we were meeting up to practice together and honestly we did good for the auditions and I feel proud of them.

On 26th June, I was staying up to do my Geography iBook when I saw Celine, the show choir chairperson, messaging the group chat. I continued doing my Geography iBook and was then puzzled when I saw someone say "Congratulations Zara" in the group chat. I was speechless when I saw what Celine had sent. It was the picture of who would make it for the B-Dazzled finals. My name was in the solos list. I was freaking out at 1 am because I got into the finals and that was the highlight of my week :)

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