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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

(19 June to 25 June) My Holiday Journal 4 - Krin Yew

During the last week of my holidays, I went for iFly Drone classes. It was only a two-day class, but I gained lots of knowledge from there. I learnt how to race with a drone, how the drone flies, how to do stunts while flying the drone, how to hover a drone in the air and the uses of drones. During the second day of class, my teacher told me that shows filmed by Jack Neo, National Geographic and some other famous directors were filmed using drones that had cameras on it. After the two days of drone classes, I was given a free E-010 drone. It is a small drone but very durable. The class also drew my attention closer to drones. When I was walking by Bugis Street, I found a drone shop. However, they were not just selling drones. They sold remote toy cars and toy helicopters. I bought one helicopter and one drone. I slowly got used to the remote of the drone. Now I can control the drone without even looking at the remote, just staring at where the drone is. Now I have to go back to school and do all my homework. My skills for the drones are slowly fading away. I probably would not be able to hover the drone, but i can still fly it.

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