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Friday, 9 June 2017

(5 June to 11 June) Holiday Journal 2 - Krin Yew

The most exciting activity of the week is going to Pulau Ubin with my primary schoolmates from different levels. We got to know each other through our parents. From then on, we went out as groups and never left anyone behind. I one family was unable to come, we would change the date to a day that everyone is available. On that day, we all met at Chinese Garden MRT Station before moving out. We spent lots of time together.We took the MRT towards Changi and dropped at Tanah Merah. From there we took a bus which brought us to Changi Village where we had our breakfast and it was 10.20AM. At Changi Village, we took a ferry from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal which brought us to Pulau Ubin. We had lots of fun there. We cycle up hills, dashed down hills enjoying the breeze that came rushing into our faces. The most exciting part was falling down the hill together. Due to the hot weather, the mud dried up and our bicycles slipped, causing us to roll down. It was lucky none of us got injured in the accident. Soon there was a very steep down slope, my sister did not heed the locals advice of coming down her bike and slowly push it down. Instead, she dashed down the slope. She did not notice that it was a rocky road. Her bicycle flipped, sending her flying off her bicycle. she put her hand out to stop herself from skidding across the rocks and got a deep cut across her palm. It is the one and only picture I can't get out of my mind. I have been trying to remember the trip for what happened that were good and not bad. I look forward to the next trip.

If I could name a second most exciting event, it would be going to the Army open house at Jurong East MRT station with the same friends as those that came for the Pulau Ubin trip. I had a lot of fun there trying the obstacle course, although it was designed for small children under the age of 10.I also tried to carry their backpack which had a minimum weight of 25kg! The officer told me that that the heaviest backpack will only be 45 kg, but I still have a hard time believing that. The largest tank they have on display is the Leopard Tank. It is cool on the outside but cooler on the inside. I went in and sat on the chairs in it and there was air-conditioners int he vehicle. I would look forward to next years open house and see if there are any more cool stuff coming up.

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