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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Holiday Journal 2 -Zara

3 June- 9 June

I stayed at home relaxing and fasting on 3 and 4 June and spent time with my family.

On 5th June, I met up with my primary school friend who was asking for donations for a charity that her school was supporting. I didn't feel very good on that day so I asked my friend, Aisyah if she wanted to go to SCAPE to dance as I wanted to clear my head on that day. I brought my guitar and we went to SCAPE. At SCAPE, Aisyah was trying to do a dance move while I was just playing my guitar and writing songs.

From 6th June till 8th June, I focused more on my homework.

On 8th June I left for KL to visit my relatives. It's always a thrill to look back at childhood memories as I went to my grandparent's house. Looking at the narrow and bumpy roads heading towards an old grey gate/ The gate I would recognised anywhere. The gate to my grandparent's house. I missed it a lot, remembering all the times whenI tried to get out and when we played sparklers in the garden.

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