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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Holiday Journal 1 - Zara

27 May - 2 June

Open house fell on the 27 May and I was a part of it. I got to perform a mash up that me and my friend, Aisyah, made together. We performed twice on that day and I was really proud of myself as I actually participated in an event. I knew that I really had a passion for music since young but ever since joining Secondary School, my passion to pursue it has increased. I watched all the other acts as well and they were awesome.

On 29 May, I met up with most of my IRS group mates, Isaac and Caleb. We all met up at Bishan and stayed at the library until we wanted to go to the orchard library. We then proceeded to go to the Orchard Library and passed by Toa Payoh. I remembered that my friend, Aisyah lived in Toa Payoh and asked her if she wanted to join us. At the end of the day, we somehow ended up at SCAPE, dancing.

On 31 May, B-Dazzled Show Choir practice started starting with vocals (choir). I feel good when I'm with the choir cause I feel it's where I belong as I feel singing is the only thing I'm good at. Ms Ng then asked if anyone would like to join the B-Dazzled solos and group categories and I signed up for both of them. The auditions would be on 23 and 24 of June.

Right after vocals we had dance, as I was fasting that day, I was excused from the pt (physical training) as it would tire me out and I would not be able to do the choreography.

On 1 and 2 June it was dance again and it went as normal as it could be with show choir :)

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