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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Holiday Journal 13h May - Troy

It has been two weeks into the holidays already. Most of us wish that it could last forever, I was not an exception. However I also missed school. I missed my friends, the jour new to school and much more. The thing that i was most missed was the ADMT lessons, more specifically the cardboard modelling lessons.  Hence, a few days ago I created out a sketch of what I wanted to build which was a coin sorter machine that was inspired by a youtube video I came across a few weeks ago. 

After that, I got to work and started drawing the nets out on a piece of unwanted lego box and stared cutting it out using a pen knife. Next, I started scoring the cardboard. To my astonishment, I cut the cardboard all the way through. I was disappointed with myself as I had never made that mistake before. However I soon realised this was caused because the lego cardboard box was twice a thin as the on I am used to. Reluctant, I redrew to mets and started all over again. I soon realised that the same method of doing thing must be twigged to suit the current circumstance. After two hours of cutting, scoring and gluing, Ive finally completed the coin sorting machine.

The machine can sort coins according to their denomination except of 50¢ and $1 coin because the 50¢ coin from the 2nd series and the $1 coin from the 3rd series has the same size vice versa. The machine sorts the coins by size. The coins will slide through a ramp, and if it is smaller than the hole, it will fall through hence being sorted out. There is still one minor issue with it. That is occasionally the coins might fall thought a different hole. Although I am still trying to figure out why, I am very happy of the final result.

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  1. I think this is an excellent example of perseverance and deep reflection. Keep it up Troy and continue to make good use of your holiday.