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Monday, 26 June 2017

holiday journal 2 Tan Ye kai

The second week of holidays and I have not started on my homework still relaxing at home and building lego until it was time for a trip abroad Singapore. It was to Genting Highland. One day before the trip I went over to the grand my house to spent a day with her after waking up we went to the park for her daily exercise before going for a talk about how to test for cancer. It was nice to see how my grandmother 76 is still very active. She cooked a scrumptious meal for me. After lunch,  I helped her to pack her bag for tomorrow's trip as she was following my family and my cousins. After we finish packing, i took a bus home to pack my own bag before going to sleep as we had to wake up at 4 the next day.
The next day my family, my cousins and my grandmother followed along with my grandmother's sister and my grandmother's brother's wife.
It was a long journey to Genting and we were all sleeping on the bus.  after 8hours of traveling, we finally reach Genting Highland.
Upon checking into the hotel, the floor was sticky, there were cigarette ash all over the tables and the safe did not work. We unloaded our stuff without caring much about how bad the hotel is. We then gathered at the lobby before going to marry Brown to have a tea break. After that meal the adults when to shop while the kids when to the arcade to play.
It was night time and we went back to the hotel room for a bath before heading to our cousins room for supper while the parents are in the casino.

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