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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Holiday Journal 27th May - Troy

It was the first day of the holiday but instead of staying at home to rest, I was task to help out in the SST open house. It was a one-of-a-kind experience especially since this is the first time I have helped out. My duty was to help out in the principals talk, which was held in the auditorium. I had to do things like ushering parents to their seat, handing over the microphone to parents with question etc. 

There were four session fro the principals talk and most of the time my job was to open the door the parents to come in and out of the auditorium. We could not open the door as the noise from the other events will be a form a distraction for the audience and when we close the door, it will give out a loud  ‘Bang!’ and will disturb the audience.  Our IC asked us to manually open the door for them. However, we were bored of it and want to take a shortcut of putting the door stopper near the end of the door so that it will be ajar instead of slamming shut. However, it did go we wanted to go. Not only did the set up made more noise, it also jammed the door. It was a pain to solve the complication. From this experience, I learnt that shortcuts may be be the best way to. go and it may add oil to the fire.

The SST open house was on the 27th May which happened to be the first day of fasting for the Muslim students.  Breakfast and lunch was provided and our teacher in-charge bought too much food resulting in pile and piles of left overs. I honestly feel really bad for the muslim students. Not only were so much food everywhere in the room, but the fact that their duty requires so much energy will also make them crave for food and water. While doing my duty, I tried not to bring my water bottle because I didn't want to make the feel bad. Although the muslim students are probably used to it, but even I was thirsty and i could not imagine what they must have been going through. 

Overall, the SST open house was an eye-opening experience for me. I learnt a thing or two and had enjoy myself. I hope there will be and event similar to this in the future.

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  1. Actually Troy, we weren't doing our duties properly. I thought we were like monkeys jumping around because we were very bored. I think Yin Mon is really mad. But what can we do? We are still a little kid who wants fun, isn't it so... But pity her, I really spilled too much oil on her ranging fire.