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Sunday, 25 June 2017

Holiday journal 3
last week my faminly went to ipoh. Ipoh is city in malaysia. I had finally have a rest from all theses irritating homework. At Ipoh we kept eating. And i gained 1.5 kg there. THe char kway teow there is very nice. When we arrived at our hotel which is actually a condo that is converted into a resort. At the gantry we were surprise by the security guard who told us all about this resort and tell us that the food here is MSG free. Our room is facing the lake surrounded with lime stone. I think the highlight of the trip was lost world amusement park. I did not like that the pools there have dead flies and sweet wrappers inside. But the petting zoo there was fun there was cute rabbits and guinea Pig and there was a longkang fishing area as well. And at lost world i managed to kayak and alsok i went swan boating which is this boat that repicates a swan and you pedal aroung

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