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Sunday, 25 June 2017

Holiday journal 4 Troy

It is the last week of the June holidays. My kindergarten friend invited me and my family over. The reason why we still keep in touch is because our mothers exchanges numbers a long time ago and they would invite us to their hose once every half a year. I find it weird that I visited my kindergarten friend and not my primary school friends. This is because the day of the gathering is the same day as the INCamp and it as impossible to change the date of the gathering and I was frustrated when I heard the news. At the end, I chose the INCamp.

When I was at my friends house, we did many thing like swimming, playing at the playground and hide and seek. One of the memorable things that happened was the trick shot that we did. Thee swimming pool was build in a way that is was below a bridge. My friend had a inflatable basket ball hoop and a ball. We decided to throw the ball from the bridge and and make it go through the hoop. In the end, my friend and their siblings nominated my sister and I to do the trick shot. My sister would throw the ball and I will move the hoop to catch the ball. Within three tries, my talented sister manage to throw the ball into the hoop when I did not have to do anything.

It was an exciting day and I tried something I had never tried before. Although the trick shot was a little silly, I enjoyed it.

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