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Thursday, 15 June 2017

Holiday Journal 7th May - Troy

It was the beginning of the holidays. My cousin my sister and I to their house for a play date. My cousin is more of a sports person, unlike me. I have never thought of myself as a good sports person. However, when we played basketball, I did surprisingly well. I was not only able to shoot but also able to dribble the ball well.

After lunch, we decided to go swimming. I decided to challenge myself by solving the rubik's cube under water as I saw a few people on television do so. Inspired, I decided to give it a shot. The first few attempt were fruitless. I was breathless and was not able to solve it. However, with perseverance, I manage to achieve my goal of solving the rubik’s underwater a couple off times. I now understand the power of determination. 

After playing, our uncle brought us to a Japanese restaurant and later played with their dog. It was a very unproductive day but at least we had fun.

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  1. Of all the blogs I've read, you have the most thrilling holiday indeed! You have pushed your boundaries and expressed your creativity really very well. Trying something out of your capabilities is quite awesome. Hope I can do the same, but my holiday fun is running short. Have a nice holiday ahead!