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Sunday, 18 June 2017

Jing Hui's holiday journal 3

Monday, i had to go to the clinic as i had some rashes on my hand and legs. The doctor told me it was just a heat rash and i had to apply some cream. I could not play basketball with my cousin.

On Thursday, my family and I went to Port Dickson, a place in Malaysia. We woke up at 7 in the morning and drove there. We reached our hotel at around 2pm. The hotel was really unique as there is a swimming pool in each hotel room. If you look at all the hotel from a bird's eye view, all of them will look like a flower. The hotel was by the sea so we had seafood for dinner.

The next day, we had our breakfast at the hotel. After that we left the hotel and went to Malacca. We went to Jonker Street which was a night market at Malacca. The food at the night market were very delicious. However, there were many people and it was very hot, I had made a mistake wearing a long sleeved shirt.

On Saturday, we had to leave Malacca. I was quite reluctant to leave as it was enjoyable there.

Today, we went to my cousin's house to celebrate her birthday and fathers' day. There were many people gathered there for the party. My cousins and I were very close and we spent our childhood together at our grandmother's house everyday. 

The third week is indeed the most enjoyable week out of all my holidays

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