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Thursday, 29 June 2017


I was flying off on an 11 hour trip to Germany. I was so excited.It was the first time I was going there.
On the plane, I was amazed by the variety of movies and tv shows that they had. I watched them the entire way there. Soon, I was in Germany, even though it was summer it was still 14 degrees.The air outside was like in an air-conditioned room. When we got settled there, we booked a tour to one of the castles outside Munich. The castle was built upon a hill and it was marvellous.I waa astonished at the deign of the building.  Fun Fact, the king's castle was never built for a defensive building. The interior of the castle has modern facilities with great work of art. Most of the art was imagined from his dream or from the multiple plays he saw. The throne room was one of its kind, it had everything it needed to be a throne room but the only thing that was not there was the THRONE. The king's name was Ludwig ||. He was gay and was never married. The King's  mother was invited for dinner one day and was astonished by the art. She tried to support the building by selling some of her jewellery but Ludwig || refused.Unfortunately, they didn't allow us to take pictures inside the castle so I don't have pictures to show you.There is one more interesting thing that I need to tell.There is this playground that uses wood shavings instead if polymer.It does not have much thought and everything is made out of wood except the metal slide and the swing set.If I shared everything on my trip , I would need more space

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  1. Caleb, it's a rare opportunity to visit a real castle. You are very fortunate.