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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

June Holidays 1 - Jian Lun

  It was the start of the long holiday. My parents had decided to visit my grandparents house for 5 days for the first week. Of course, I was very happy of that till I even forgot about homework, totally. On the day we took off, we reached Johore Bahru at 8am. Our initial plan was to take off towards Kuala Lumpur, where my grandparents' house are, at 12pm. Instead, we took eight amazing hours just to shop there and pay some tax bills, so we only left at 4pm. Usually, whenever we go our grandparents' house in a car, it would always rain. Miraculously, on that particular period while we were on the expressway, it did not rain at all.

  On the second day at our grandparents' house, we celebrated together with my aunt and uncle my father's birthday. Even though there was no cake, it was a great celebration because we bought a few bottles of red wine and used them to celebrate instead of a plain regular birthday cake. I found the first week of my June holidays pretty meaningful.

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