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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

June Holidays 2 - Jian Lun

  It was finally the second week of the long June holidays. On Monday morning, I woke up to expect myself on my home sweet home bed, but to my surprise I was still in my grandparents' house. I then remembered that my parents and I were going back home that day, sadly.

  The most special day in the year is on Saturday. Yes, it was my birthday. On my birthday, I woke up and saw so many messages on my social media platforms wishing me happy birthday. I was touched by that and I thanked all of them.

  At night, my parents brought me to a buffet dinner to celebrate my birthday. At the moment we stepped in the restaurant, there is a happy birthday song on the radio for someone who also had the same birthday as me in that restaurant. There was a whole new selection of dishes compared to the previous times I went there, so I was delighted about it too. My parents and I ate all we could to not waste the money spent. We also control the amount of food we took because we did not want to have food wastage, plus, food wastage costs five dollars per hundred gram of food wasted in that restaurant. That week was definitely the best birthday week I would have so far.

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