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Thursday, 29 June 2017

June Holidays 2

It was the second week of the holidays. I went to Jcube Macdonald's to meet up with Hsien Yang. When I was eating, I saw Hsien Yang and called him. He came and ate with me. We called Benjamin and we told hime we were at Jcube Macdonald's. We asked him to come here but he told us that he was at the Jurong East Library waiting for us. In the whatsapp chat, we told him to meet us at jcube Macdonald's. When we called him, he was losted and did not know where he was. Ww went to the Jurong East Library and saw him there. We were so angry that we wanted to punch him in the face. We went to the Café in Jurong East Library to do our IRS project as it was due on the first week of school. Me and Hsien Yang did all the work while Benjamin only did one paragraph and played Minecraft on his LD the whole time. We asked him to stop and he continued until we have to peep at his LD.

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