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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

June holidays 4 - Jian Lun

  It was the last week of the June holidays already. I was expecting it to be longer, just like other people. Even though it was the last week, it did not mean the end of holidays for my friends and I. I will share with you what happened.

  On Thursday, Ian, Keith, Troy and I met up at Jurong East MRT station. I will let you have the chance to guess why we did that. I will reveal it later. After we met up in the MRT station, we went to the nearby mall, JEM, to eat lunch together. As usual, when we eat, we still game, except for Troy who already ate, so he did his homework instead. What a hardworking boy there.

  As I mentioned earlier, we met up for a reason. We met up because we were about to watch the newly released movie, Transformers Five: The Last Knight. Keith and Ian had already bought four of our tickets earlier, so Troy and I just need to pay them. After we finished lunch, we went into the cinema and bought popcorns and water. We also went for the toilet because the movie would be interesting for us and we would not want to even miss a single second of it. After we were all ready, we got into the our cinema hall without further delays. During the movie, we had a lot of fun predicting what would happen next and how savage the actors were. The movie was definitely great to watch.

  After the movie ended, we went to Mcdonalds for our dinner. In there, we discussed more about the movie and predicted if the next episode would come out and how would the story be. We dispersed right after our dinner. I really felt the last week fun and meaningful. So that pretty much concludes my June holiday!

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