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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

June holidays week 3

Okay, I know I kind of messed the titles of my post I will stick to June holidays week three then.Anyways,being a christian is fun and awesome, why?The annually exciting church retreat is here!!!Most of the church members will go to Malaysia and learn more about God's word and also relax from studies and have fun!This year the hotel we went is called Le Grandeur.My friends,Isaac,Qi Le,Yi Jun,Yi Jie,Yi Shen,Yi Ze are all going!We had so much fun and its the first ever retreat that I bunk in with Qi Le and Isaac for the whole trip.Not to mention, all of the Yi's are brothers and Yi Jie and Yi Jun are twins!We also had a soccer tournament in the retreat well of course we as under fifteens,(Yi Shen is fifteen)were quite outnumbered by the adults, there was even an all fathers' team it has my father too!At the end of this retreat I also found two things the pastor said meaningful, we have to control our anger,and this phrase meant to me a lot, I know some of you might not understand, I will explain."We live to be forgotten" at first I heard it I was questioning myself, then I realised that we should not earn ourselves all the glory but give all glory to God.I am not saying that we can't be famous, but we have to be humble.This week is so meaningful!

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