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Wednesday, 28 June 2017


During the first week of the June holidays, the most interesting thing that I did was going to the one room flats to give them food and invite them for the East Asia Congress fire and wind healing rallies. Let me tell you what happened that day. During the briefing, I was so excited to go to help the people who live in the one room flat and share the gospel with them. My entire cell group was preparing for this activity for the past three days. We first had to go to the local supermarket to buy our supplies. Well, let me tell you that a full cart of biscuits is extremely heavy.We had bought an entire trolly of Maggi mee, sardines, biscuits and a few other food items.The amount of plastic bags that we ended up using was atrocious. The remaining amount of plastic bags stacked up to about 10 cm which is a lot.  The first house that we went was quite roomy. The house owner was living with his friend and although it was small, it was actually quite cosy.  We also learnt that he had gone to church once.  It was a memorable experience and we took a picture with him. There were two other interesting ones that I would tell. There was an old man whom we visited who was living with his mother in a one-room flat. His sister was downstairs living in her own one-room flat. The place was very crowded because of all the clutter. I think that you will never see anyone as old as his mother anywhere on the streets in Singapore. Well, let me tell you how old is she. She is 97 years old. Unfortunately, she is bedridden, so the person that is capable of taking care of her is her son. Luckily her son is a believer of Christ and can share the gospel with her and lead her in the sinner's prayer. I hope that she would believe in Christ and avoid eternal death. The other person that I will mention is an Indian guy who is a freethinker.I have one thing to say to him, his flat is amazing.  The wall paintings were so nicely done and it had very intricate details. There was even a snake model carved and painted so well, I thought it was one at my first glance.He was an amazing guy and a great guy to be with.  It was a good experience for me and I enjoyed every single moment of it.
Anyone want to join me for service at Suntec Nicol Hall at 3.00 p.m it will be fun.My group will be planning activities for you if you come 😁  but tell me first so I can plan ahead of time.

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