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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

My Holiday Journal 1

30th May 2017

       Today its my mother's birthday! I made my mother a chocolate cake for the first time. It is very easy to make a cake. You will just need some flour, milk, chocolate powder, butter, eggs, vanilla essence, etc. After mixing each and every ingredients together by hang for 5 minutes, you will need to put the cake into the oven to bake for ≈ 30 min at 230˚c / ≈446ƒ.After the cake is baked, I placed the cake into the refrigerator  to let it chill.After we came back from our special dinner that night, I took the cake out of the refrigerator to decorate it with icing. When my family ate that cake that I baked that night, they said that it was delectable.

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