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Friday, 9 June 2017

My Holiday Journal 3 -aliah 😋

9 June 2017

This week, time flew quite fast, it was like a blink of an eye and the holidays are cut short. This week was a really busy week indeed! 

I had to send and fetch my younger sister to her silly baking class to learn how to bake a rolled Nutella cake. It lasted for 5h and worst of all my parents begged me to send and fetch her from baking class. I was like unwilling to do such stuff, it was wasting my precious time, but what caught my mind was when I watched a show called "Missing". It could be my last time I will be seeing her because of my laziness, so I just agreed. But it was still time-consuming, and it was a total waste of money! My parents spent $185 on her baking class, and she only produced 4 rolled cakes out of her hands. That's so little for my stomach to consume!

"Protection will save you one worry and one heart. Laziness will murder the loved ones in your heart..."'

My sister is very lucky indeed. She gets to go for what she wants and I can't, but not just that, she got something else as well. She got new spectacles! The brand was called "Eyelets" it is a new series of children to teenagers spectacles in the optical shop. The spectacles displayed were very eye-grabbing, and I wanted one too, but my eyes were perfectly fine. But my sis was not, it increases from 400-600 degrees, so she has to get new spectacles. I know getting a spectacle isn't a big deal, but I haven't changed mine for three years, and she changes hers every year. My spectacle is literally peeling off, and I can't change. That spectacle my sister purchased was partially plastic, and the sides were made of metal, but not to worry it's safe. The metal sides had a hole to slot any rubber sides she wants. The ones that ranged from plain coloured rubber sides to a smiley faced rubber sides. You can change it anytime you want! And additionally, she receives a free clip-on sunshade. That's not fair! I don't even have shades. But my mum said that the spectacles my sister had was very expensive, $650 and it was rather meaningless to have a new one. Firstly because they don't come in pink and it wasn't a badminton brand. Although I know my mum is trying to push in positive thoughts in my mind, I will not mind not having the spectacles but..... I will still wait for a pink frame when I grow older!

"In life, Jealousy is one weapon, Positivity is one magician. Jealousy can kill others hearts, but Positivity tricks your mind away from stabbing another heart..."

Next, on my unlucky list, I had to redo my geography AA three times. Firstly, I did an iBook for geography, but I didn't save, so my father fixed the problem, but he deleted all my pictures I placed in my book. But it was okay, I continued for the week and wrote 100 pages on geography, and I had to redo again because there was a template that was given, and I did not use it. I was there throwing a tantrum, but after a while, I thought about it, if I keep on being angry, I can never do it in time. So now I am rushing to redo another set, but I was lucky, I am half done in one day.

"Saving your work is one thing, reading instruction fully is another. One detail gone, you are on fire..."

On Monday I bought a book because I realised that my collections of books were kind of kiddish, so I decided to borrow some books from my sister. Even though she was two years younger than me, she reads a young adult book and her books she reads are about as thick as all my fingers laid on the sides of the book. All I know, I won't be able to finish that book in one year! I need time to digest the narration of the story. So I have been saving enough money to buy a book so that I could annotate it. And it was like 5 years since I got a book other than RSITM. So I decided to get a book and start reading for a start to build up on my vocabulary and maybe a better narrative for my compositions. Since it was a little too late for me to start something that should be done many years ago, but it will never be too late to patch up my reading! When my parents found out that I spent a big sum of money on the book, they were not so angry, but still relieved that I was starting something that I dislike, so they made a deal that I must finish that book by the end of the holidays. But after thirty minutes I was still on the first page because I was kind of confused. 'Caught her foot on the roots and she was flying.' She caught her foot on the roots and flew? Then I realised, 'flying' was a metaphor. She tripped on the roots and it was like she was flying in the air for a short while. What a strong metaphor! 

" If you are slacking behind, and didn't patch things well, thinking a 'pass' was a satisfaction for a while. Turn the clock forward, quicker than time, to find out that you are just drowning alright. Right below the surface unable to climb, you suffer more than what you have not done. It's a chain series, and year pass by, and the chain adds up, the tougher you have to fight. Start small and start a new start, stop clinging to your past, and patch up in life..."

Thank you for reading the journal and my 'mindmade' quotes.😁

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