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Friday, 16 June 2017

My Holiday Journal 4 - aliah πŸ˜‹

16 June 2017

Last Saturday I went to Hari Raya bazaar at Geylang Serai. My father decided to Grab a car instead because he was too lazy to wait for a car park at Geylang as it was always full. As I hopped into the backseat of the car, I realised that the driver looked very familiar, he looked like one of the SST teachers. I slide the seat belt across my chest and buckled it up and ready to take a short nap, but something interrupted me. It was the driver. As he starts the car, he nearly bumped into a lorry driving past us, luckily, he stopped in time before we collide. Phew... But as he started embarking on his duties to drive us to Geylang, he speeded all the way through, nearly hit another lorry, beat the red light twice and got shot by the speed camera twice. Terrible driving!

As we reached our destination, my sister blurted out a comment that shouldn't have been said. "What an EPIC ride, I nearly died!" My mum made my sister's face bright red. As my sister was being slapped, I took one more glimpse of the driver's face, but I couldn't. My glasses was fogged up, and all I can see was the driver waving at me.

The lights along the road were extracting, banners over banners of "Selamat Hari Raya", and the whole area were like flooded with many people, I hardly can breathe.
I thought we came to Geylang to shop for clothing for Hari Raya, but instead, we came there to just shop for my sister's baking ingredients. What a waste of my time! So I waited outside with my father, while my mum shopped with sister inside the bakery for thirty minutes, till they finally exit.

My eyes kept cropping up on the food stall which sold some kind of mysterious food. When you eat it, some mist will be puffing out of your mouth. The little round balls are Fruit Loops, just in a round shape.
And after eating that, I went home.

While for this week, I happy that I finally finished my Chinese AA, geography AA and IRS. But the worst thing of all is that I haven't started my revisions, and I still have I&E to do though. But when I read everyone's blog post, they had time to play and enjoy themselves! I don't even know how they managed to squeeze in time for travelling and play time, all I know I can't. All I have is at night when I can finally rest. So I did something a 13-year-old girl wouldn't do, putting on a facial mask. My mum bought them in Korea, she said I could use all 100 facial masks, but I wouldn't dare. It was like I was having a little spa of my own in front of the television, applying lotion on my arms and massaging my face with the mask on. It was really relaxing. But it can only happen these weeknights, my mum said. But my facial is still the same.... That's sad.....

I was so into my work that I realised that I haven't blogged for quite a while. I just started my blog a month ago, I feel happy about the response outcome though. Since I don't have any Facebook, Tweeter, Instagram, snap chat or whatsoever, I decided to spread my own quotes through my own blog, since my mum always wanted me to start one of my own. Quite pleasing.