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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

My holiday Journal 4- Glenda

It was the last week of the holidays- I had visited the pasar malam next to the MRT station on the bus interchange with my Cousin, Lady. Pasar malam is a night market, except for the fact that it also operate during the day. This was one of the longest pasar malam I had ever seen. It always open in June, for about a month, with carnival rides and games.  I had played many games over there, but my favourite was the ballon game. Unfortunately, it soon rain, forcing me and my cousin back into the MRT station. although my fun at the pasar malam was short-lived, but it did not stop there. We soon decided to go to Waterway Point for lunch, and at the same time buy the newly renovated store liho, formerly known as Gong cha.

I had order a caramel milk tea, the sugar level at 50%. My cousin decided to order a normal milk tea with the sugar level at 25%. Unfortunately for my cousin, her milk tea had too much milk, and too little sugar, making it not sweet at all. In the end, she decided to just buy from Koi instead.

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