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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

My holiday journal 4


Today was the happiest day of my life in the June holidays. The day started like any other ordinary day except that I woke up from a hotel! I was in Penang, Malaysia. That day was awesome because it is the first time of overcome my fear of heights! My family and I went to Komtar, The Top - the 68-floor building with a glass bridge at the end of the building. The scenery was beautiful there as I could see the whole of Penang there. At about 12 noon, we checked out of Kimberly Hotel and went for Hard Rock Hotel. Just as we reached the hotel, my brother requested to swim in our own pool. My parents agreed and told him to return to the room before 7 o' clock so that we could spend the last few hours of the day at the cinema to watch The Mummy. When the movie ended, it was already 11 o' clock. We took the second last shuttle bus back to our hotel. It was a tiring yet enjoyable day!

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