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Thursday, 29 June 2017

My Holiday Journal | Isaac Koh Week 1

It was the first week of the holidays. The air smelt like freedom. It was Saturday.  My neighbours could be seen outside the window enjoying their first week of the holidays and for the adults, the beginning of the weekends.  I sat on my bed playing mobile games when my eyes lay upon the Bible that sat on my table. That was when it struck me like a 25-pound sledgehammer. I had to go for generation go with my church! I had totally forgotten. I was just happily enjoying my holidays. I immediately looked at the clock that hung on my light blue wall. I could not believe my eyes. The event starts in 15 minutes? The slow and calm scene in my room suddenly turned into a scramble to get out of the house. Thankfully I made it only 5 minutes late. That morning, we followed our kind and respectable leader Jabez to Bedok reservoir to go and share the good news and invite them for the Wind and Fire night rally by evangelist Daniel Kolenda held at Expo. At Bedok reservoir I saw my leader pray for many people and I gained valuable experience just by seeing him. That afternoon my two friends from Church: Dylan and Dexter and I were aimlessly wandering around when we stumbled upon two Church mates from secondary 3. They said that they would be going gaming with our MAD Camp Commander and invited us to tag along. So that afternoon, we went gaming 4 hours straight with free flow of drinks. That afternoon I realised I had gained a bit of weight. That night, the EXPO hall 2 was packed full with people. Thankfully we had come early to get good seats. I really enjoyed the day.

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