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Sunday, 11 June 2017

June holiday week one week two-Ernest

My holidays were really fun as of now. First I went to Vietnam with the school for GCP. It was awesome. Although I had went to Vietnam many times, the GCP trip had brought me to many new places. Such as the Yakult factory and the palace. I was not expecting to make so many friends in the GCP trip. Many of them were from other classes. After the first and second day of the trip, many of us got along really well. For some reason many of the people in GCP things I am funny and we will usually have a comedy session at the back of the bus. We knew that it was really rude to talk while our guide is talking and I was proud that the people behind stopped talking when the guide was talking. I felt like it was really respectful of them so I stopped talking too. I felt like that was one of my greatest takeaway from this trip and I will try to do it in class. From the trip we also learned many things and there was even a challenge held. We were suppose to say thank you to anyone who helped us and assist us. At first I didn't think that the challenge will help me, but I just kept saying thank you to people who help me throughout the trip. When I reached Singapore, I was shocked that I continued saying thank you to people who help me. When I realise what I did I kept thinking to myself, how is this happening, I am saying thank you when I usually don't. After the Vietnam trip, I rested for about one and a half day. Immediately after I came back from the trip, I fell sick. It was one of the worst times to fall sick as two days after my Vietnam trip, I needed to fly to Korea. I was really lucky as I did manage to recover on time. I went to Korea and I this time I went to a many different place. On the first four days, I went to Busan. I visited many nice places such as the world largest department store-Shinsegae. The weather in Busan was also one of the best. Next I went to Gyeongju, it was one of the oldest towns in Korea and it was where the kings in the past used to stay. It has three UNESCO heritage sites and I went to all of them. I really like the old structures as they look really nice. Then of course we needed to shop. So we when to Seoul, the weather was not perfect as it was really warm the first few days of my stay. My family and I bought many things and obviously my mother and sister bought many cosmetics. After Seoul we needed to go back to Singapore.  It was funny that ou luggage got from 14kg to 25kg. We even got a, "Cautions heavy load" tag on our luggage. When we reach Singapore, the weather felt about thrice the heat of Korea, till now I am still perspiring profusely while typing. The next few weeks of my holidays will start to get boring as I need to rush my homework. All in all, this June holiday is one of the more exciting holiday for me.

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  1. Your holidays are filled with joy and fun! It's nice that you learnt something new during GCP. Hope you have a fruitful holiday!