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Friday, 28 July 2017

Edmund Tan chicken soup for the soul

The moment I knew I'd never be cool by D.marie O'Keeffe

It is the writer trying hard to be popular and cool. She compared herself to other people and tried to follow them. She copied a girl named Jen, who threw her blonde hair around to show off her dimples and put her head to one side when she asks for favors. The teacher thought that she fell ill. Then she copied Mandy and Kevin who were rebels, the writer started smoking shoplifting and etc. Afterward, she followed Sara and Shauna who said mean things about others and get a lot of reaction to it. She then realized that being cool is not easy and may not be the best option.

I learned that we should just be who we really are and we should accept others for who they are. Trying to imitate others to be cool or popular is just silly. Things may not go your way in life you may not be popular or cool. Being cool and popular may mean insulting others and stepping on top of them just to be popular.

I can apply this in life by being who I am. People like Amos Yee fell for this popular thing and ended up insulting the late prime minister and causing havoc in Singapore. But the media was stupid enough to give him more attention just to get "best rating of news" or "best newspaper". Things as being popular in school may end up being a full blown story on the media.

The last Runner -Sean

This short story is a narration about a paramedic telling his story in a marathon. He is supposed to provide medical help if needed. At the start of the story, They stay behind the last runner who had her feet turned in, but her knee turned out. It seemed impossible for her to run a marathon. BUT! she struggled to put one foot ahead of the other. All under the eyes of the paramedic. This lasted until she finished the marathon.

From this story, I have learned that I should never give up. No matter how hard it is, I should always persevere and my results will occur because of my perseverance. No matter how tired I am, No matter how injured I am. I should always persevere .

Thursday, 27 July 2017

The perfect Demon - Aidan Neo

This story is about a girl named Katelynn that wanted to be perfect in everything she did, if she didn't do anything pefectly, she would break down, she kept pushing herself, with no time for rest or play, thus causing her too be very stressed every day. One day, she saw her friend break down due to the stress of trying to be perfect, then she realised she was in the same hole as her. Thus, she decided to lower her standards and she became less stressed and more happy.
I have leared from this story is that nobody is perfect and our flaws makes us who we are.
After reading this story, I have decied to not be upset if I got 1 mark below full marks for a test as nobody is perfect.

Chicken soup for the teenage soul - Summary

By Krin

I am doing a summary about the story of Class Piggy Bank.

The story is about a girl who was teased in class. She was badly affected by the incidents that has happened, so she turned to reading a book everyday, every second, every minute. Until one day, one of the pupils who had teased her in the past came up to her and asked her why she was always reading a book. They wanted to know the reason behind her avoiding them. She turned to reading stories because her closest friend, Juliette. betrayed her. Juliette betraued the main character o fthe story by flipping the meaning o f what the main character had said. Example, the main character said "I wanted to help, but I have to rush to see my hospitalized mother, Juliette would change it to "I don't want to help you because I think you are stupid!" (This is just an example). The words of Juliette, hurt the main character so much that the main character started to hate social life.

Soon, the main character found it boring to always be alone. So, she tried different things to make herself fit in. She stole money from her mother. When her mother found out, the main character lied to her own mother saying that she did ni steal the money. Stealing made her popular in class. She was known as the richess and classmate or schoolmates would always come to her and ask for money. It was not long till her mother found out the truth. The main character found herself stealing more than fifty Euros per day.

It was lucky that the main characters parents punishment was not so heavy. She was only limited to a certain amount of allowance per day and the money she spent was always monintored by her parents. The puishment lasted until Christmas.

Finding Myself - Zara Hannah

In this story, the writer talked about all the things she did to try to fit in. She tried joining the cool kids club but they would all never last. Every time there was a change she would change to fit in. She had fake friends. She did  things she never thought she would do, in a negative way. She finally broke down and found herself again. She finally found true friends and was finally happy with who she was.

Based on what happened, I learned that I should not change for others to fit in. I learnt that changing because or for someone can lead to great consequences. Some of them may ruin my personality and just like the writer, I should embrace myself and stick to the people who accept me for who I am. I believe now that I will only truly fit in if I be myself. 

I read this story a few years back and i did apply it. When I was in Primary School, I used to treat everyone around me, scared that they would no longer want to be friends with me. I realised over time that I was being used and that I never had real friends. I had been making up excuses after excuses about treating my friends and getting all the latest trends to fit in. I read the article and it opened my eyes. I no longer treat my friends everyday just for them to remain friends with me.

Chicken soup for the teenage soul-Glenda

The story was about a girl whose best friend died in an accident. The girl blamed herself for her death as she borrowed her friend's car when hers broke down, and her best friend was robbed and shot by a man. her friend's mother tried all means to convince the girl that it was not her fault her best friend was dead.

Chicken Soup For The Teenage Soul | Isaac Koh

Spotlight On... Depression

This story is about the symptoms of depression and the difference of depression and feeling down. The difference between depression and and feeling down is that people feeling down can still cope with day-to-day life while depression is more like an illness that affects how the person thinks and feels about everything and anything. People who feel depressed experience symptoms like feeling sad and hopeless, lack of energy, having no appetite and difficulty with concentration.

Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul - Isaac Lim

Silent Scream by Ashley Yang

In the story, it talked about this girl named Ashley who suffered from depression. To not let her friends know that she is suffering, she smile, laugh and speak as if everything is fine. However, when she is home, she would crumble down and cry. The story talks about her journey and how she endured her suffering. She wants to receive help but at the same time, she is unable to control her word.

Based on what happened, I learned that I should be kinder in my speech, not harsh. I should show more care to my friends and check in with them to see if they are ok. I also learned that when some are suffering, they cannot control their speech, thus I should be more observant and not feel insulted or angered when they say some hurtful remarks. I should be encouraging my other friends to be kind to one another as everyone has feelings.

I can apply what I have learned from this story to my own life by being more caring and kind to my friends and family. I should not make fun or bully my peers as they will feel hurt. I should offer help and advice to my friends when I feel that they need it.

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Left behind by Maurisa Cohen

Summary by Ian

  There is a girl called Maurisa and she's going trough depression. She would always stare at her computer like a girl that has nothing better to do. She will be waiting for someone to text her or call her. Nobody did it and she was left alone at home from then on. Her heart was heart broken and she just needed someone to accompany her. She wished that things could have turned out her way. At first, she had friends. After a while, they found better friends than her and left her alone. She would always give a good show in school and she would always fight. She continue living a life which does not even exist. She would always remember the good times but does not know what would happen next.

  Based on what happened, I learnt that we should not be bad to other people. We should treat everybody equally as it is unfair to leave a person alone just like that. We must also try to help the person when she is upset and try to change into her usual self. We should also try to befriend with whoever, even though they are ugly or fat. We must not be judgemental and be kind to them. We mush show determination in the up and downs in our lives. We have to fight against it and be courages.

  I can apply what I have learnt from this story into my daily life by encouraging people who are feeling upset to get back up on their feet. We should motivate them not to be shy and try to make friends even if they think they cannot. We should also give them a call or text them when they have no one to talk to. We can teach other people to help their friends who are going trough depression also. I think the main lesson I have learn is we should not be shy and be determined through the ups and downs. There are days which is happy and we must cherish them.

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Silent Scream by Ashley Yang

Summary (Aliah's)

In this story, there's a girl named Ashley who went through depression. She doesn't want anyone to know about her problems so she decided to lie. Till one day she couldn't seal her secrets and problems anymore, so she crumbled down and cried. Her mind was a mess. She was desperately wanting for help but at the same time pushing people away from her. She was afraid that her problems might affect everyone. Now, all she could do was to cry alone in the darkness.

Based on what happened, I learnt that lying about your feelings to your friends is harmful to yourself. Indeed when I start the first lie, I felt good because no one had to worry about me. Imagine if someone has to worry about you all the time, you feel like a burden to them. That's bad. Having to experience the whole cycle of lying, I actually felt exactly how Ashley did. I lied every day, hoping the topic will not be brought up the next day. But until one day, I felt that I was unable to catch another breath because the load of lies just felt as though they were all going to seep out. I really don't want to spill all the truth to everyone. It was like a toxin being opened to everyone. Though I didn't crumble down and cry, I pull myself back together and stand up strong once again. Now, I am trying to patch my past and hopefully, forget about it.

Having to experience all those obstacles, I hope I can spread the words of mine. Everyone thinks being alone is fun and it is an escape from the real world, but when you go through the whole process, it will be difficult to climb back up on your two own feet. Life is fun when you have people who you can trust and talk to. Let it all out before it comes back on you. I can apply this experience to the daily life of mine. If any one is left out, I will be more than happy to accept him or her. 

Friday, 21 July 2017

Chicken Soup for the Soul

Dear Students, 

I hope you enjoyed reading Chicken Soup for the Soul. 

Please post your response to one of the stories you read from the book.

Subject of Post: (Title of story) by (Name of Student) 

You should summarise the story in general. This means that you should write about what happened in the story. The summary of the story should be about 1 paragraph of about 5 to 7 sentences. 
E.g. In this story,.....

After you have written one paragraph on the summary, write about what you have learnt from this story. This should also be about 1 paragraph of about 5 to 7 sentences.
E.g. Based on what happened, I learned that....
After you have written one paragraph of what you have learnt, you should write about how you can apply what you have learnt from the story to your own life (your studies, CCA, family or friends). This should also be about 1 paragraph of about 5 to 7 sentences.
E.g. I can apply what I have learned from this story to my own life.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

My Holiday Journal | Isaac Koh Week 4

Help! I haven't completed any of my homework, neither have my classmates. The pressure of completing the homework is excruciating. The mountain of homework terrorised me. We all were rushing through the homework. Good luck class with the homework.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

My Holiday Journal | Isaac Koh Week 3

This week, on Sunday, was the day my neighbour left Singapore for Spain, his hometown. His name is Leonardo. I definitely miss those days where i played soccer with him. He was good for a 9 year old, definitely the best soccer player I know of below 10 years of age. He was a Real Madrid fan. We ate our last meal together at Changi Airport before waving goodbye for the last time. You will be missed.

My Holiday Journal | Isaac Koh Week 2

This week, I went on holiday to Ho Chi Min City with my family. Ho Chi Min City was a great place. The part I enjoyed most was going to the night market and bargaining. I even managed to bargain for an item at 80% off! I think a contributing factor to that night's success was also the weather. The rainy weather caused a lower number of customers which increased the desperation of the shop owners to make enough to feed themselves. This trip widened my view of the world. I realised that Singaporeans are very lucky as Singapore is very good country as our government takes good care of us. This trip was definitely the most memorable vacation.

Sunday, 2 July 2017


This two weeks was the bad part about the holidays. After the trips,I had to rush my homework.It was tough as I had a lot of family dinners and lunch. I obviously wasted a lot of time on clash of clans. Apart from that, I also spent some time meeting up with my friends;keith and Ian. It was definitely one of the better ways to spend my holiday. During the June holidays, it was also Father's Day. Me and my mother bought a belt for my father and left it on his bed on the day before, he was so surprised but was kind of sad that it was not something me and my sister made. Of course I am not empty handed, we purposely gave him the belt to make him think that,that is all we had gotten for him. Just a week before fathers day, I made a box for my father, it was not an ordinary box. The cover of the box is a tennis court and precise structures. I made that for him as I knew he love tennis. Apart from that, I also made a pop out card and a complicated card that has 8 sides. I was also able to do the 8 sided card all thanks to the Vietnam GCP students, they taught me about the sides and forms. I used what I had learned and gave everything I made to my father on the day itself. The time was at around 11:30 when I gave the presents to him. I wanted to make him think that I really did not do anything. As usual he loved it and brought it to his office the next day. Then it was the last few days of the holiday, like most of my other friends, everyone was rushing geography. Although it was tough, it was also a fun experience as everyone were still spamming on WhatsApp at 3:00 am. All in all, this holiday was fulfilling and I had a whale of a time.