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Sunday, 2 July 2017


This two weeks was the bad part about the holidays. After the trips,I had to rush my homework.It was tough as I had a lot of family dinners and lunch. I obviously wasted a lot of time on clash of clans. Apart from that, I also spent some time meeting up with my friends;keith and Ian. It was definitely one of the better ways to spend my holiday. During the June holidays, it was also Father's Day. Me and my mother bought a belt for my father and left it on his bed on the day before, he was so surprised but was kind of sad that it was not something me and my sister made. Of course I am not empty handed, we purposely gave him the belt to make him think that,that is all we had gotten for him. Just a week before fathers day, I made a box for my father, it was not an ordinary box. The cover of the box is a tennis court and precise structures. I made that for him as I knew he love tennis. Apart from that, I also made a pop out card and a complicated card that has 8 sides. I was also able to do the 8 sided card all thanks to the Vietnam GCP students, they taught me about the sides and forms. I used what I had learned and gave everything I made to my father on the day itself. The time was at around 11:30 when I gave the presents to him. I wanted to make him think that I really did not do anything. As usual he loved it and brought it to his office the next day. Then it was the last few days of the holiday, like most of my other friends, everyone was rushing geography. Although it was tough, it was also a fun experience as everyone were still spamming on WhatsApp at 3:00 am. All in all, this holiday was fulfilling and I had a whale of a time.

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  1. Use paragraphing, Ernest. It would help the readers to read and appreciate your journal entry a lot more.

    I'm glad that your father liked your gift.