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Wednesday, 5 July 2017

My Holiday Journal | Isaac Koh Week 2

This week, I went on holiday to Ho Chi Min City with my family. Ho Chi Min City was a great place. The part I enjoyed most was going to the night market and bargaining. I even managed to bargain for an item at 80% off! I think a contributing factor to that night's success was also the weather. The rainy weather caused a lower number of customers which increased the desperation of the shop owners to make enough to feed themselves. This trip widened my view of the world. I realised that Singaporeans are very lucky as Singapore is very good country as our government takes good care of us. This trip was definitely the most memorable vacation.

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  1. That's quite perceptive of you, Isaac. The weather affects the number of customers in an area. Perhaps that is why Singapore so many air-conditioned shopping malls.